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Meet XiP

The Ultrafast Polymer Desktop 3D Printer

Starting at $5,999.  Shipping in Q2, 2022.

The XiP combines desktop versatility with Nexa3D speed, unlocking dramatic production potential for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Consumer Goods
  • Machinery
  • Aerospace & Defense



Shows an image of the XiP printer with the door open and a part completed.Right side view of the new xip 3d printer


Experience XiP

The XiP combines ultrafast printing with carefully designed flows and components, giving you a premium desktop 3D printing experience like no other. 


Powerful Specs:

Large Build Volume:
X: 190 mm, Y: 120 mm, Z: 170 mm
X: 7.5 in, Y: 4.7 in, Z: 6.7 in
3.8 Liter Print Volume

High Resolution:
4K Monochrome 9.3” LCD

Pixel Size:
52 µm

Layer Thickness:
50 µm / 100 µm / 200 µm
0.002 in/ 0.004 in / 0.008 in

Billet Aluminum Enclosure
420mm (16.5”) W x 350mm(14”) D x 530mm(21”) H
Rigid parallel linear rails, precision Ballscrew Z-axis
Input: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Ethernet / USB / Wi-Fi connectivity
5.5” Color LCD Touchscreen Display

Diverse Materials:


Our growing network of material providers, including Henkel, BASF, and Keystone combined with our own special inhouse resins, unlock potential in a variety of applications:

  • Rapid Prototyping
    (General Purpose, Draft)
  • Dental
    (Model, Surgical Guide, Splint, Tray)
  • Industrial
    (Variety of High Modulus, Tough, Durable, High HDT, Elastomer)
  • Medical
    (Biocompatible, Durable)

Accurate Parts, Faster Than Ever


Seat bracket part printed by xip 3d printer

Seat Bracket

Rapid prototyping using 3843-xABS-Black allows this part to be created in 3 hr 55 min.


Hero figurine part printed by xip 3d printer

Hero Figure

Print two high quality hero figures using xCE-Black in under 3 hr 40 min.


4 accurate teeth models printed by xip 3d printer

Dental Models

Dental printing with KeyModel Ultra Ivory creates accurate teeth parts in under 45 min.


84 hose fittings printed by xip 3d printer

84x Hose Fittings

Rapid production combining xPP405-Black and Z-Stacking allows you to print 84 hose fittings in 9 hrs. That’s one part every 6 min 30 sec.


Rail holders printed by xip 3d printer

Rail Holders

Rapid prototyping with 3843-xABS-Black creates these parts in 6 hr 37 min.


Rail holders printed by xip 3d printer

168x 3-Way Connectors

Rapid production combining 3843-xABS-Black and Z-Stacking allows you to print 168 3-Way Connectors in 8 hr 30 min. That’s one part every 6 min 30 sec.

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Incomparable speeds. Pixel perfect precision.


What took full days, now takes hours. What took hours, now takes minutes.







Line image of our 4 main stages of our printing process and the powerful technology in each part of the xip printer.

Disruptive Technology at Every Stage

XiP’s mSLA Printing Process stacks the most advanced components in different areas of 3D printing to provide the speed, accuracy, and consistency like no other printer on the market.
  • LSPc Technology
  • Modular 4K LCD
  • Collimated Light Optics
  • Advanced UV Light Engine
Line image of the vat of the xip printer that highlights the durable everlast membrane that boosts printing speeds

Did we say fast? We mean it.

Nexa3D’s printers are powered by a proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) Technology which breaks the speed barrier in the 3D printing industry.
  • Everlast membrane negates peel-off forces present in other printers
  • Print at speeds of up to 18cm/hr
Line image of our 4k lcd on the xip printer that highlights the low pixel size and high accuracy of the screen.

Accurate parts. Excellent surface finish.

Replaceable modular 4K LCD provides pixel precision prints as well as a way to easily remove the light engine components for service and maintenance.
  • Modular 4K Resolution Monochrome 9.3” LCD with 52 μm pitch
  • Single pass imaging enables up to 20x productivity 
Advanced light engine of the XiP that highlights how the optics create a uniform exposure of light

Uniform layers. Consistent prints.

Advanced UV light engine combines optic lens guidance with powerful UV LED arrays to provide equal and strong exposure ensuring your parts are uniform and consistent, every print.
  • Collimated light optics arrays provides equal exposure across the surface
  • Cure entire layers in a single flash





The simplest printer you will ever use.


We eliminated the nuisances of 3D printing so you can focus on creating.







See the XiP in Action

The XiP builds upon the Nexa3D printing ecosystem and integrates into your operations with ease. Watch the video to see how you can XiP your first parts with our software, printers, and post processing stations.


Array of different resin type cartridges for the xip printers

Smart Resin Cartridge

Resin cartridge allows the user to load an unload material on the fly even during a live print job. Once inserted, the printer automatically begins resin authentication and compatibility checks with the current built requirements with the help of NFC technology.
Smart XiP vats save key information, auto lock with magnets, and use durable Everlast membranes.

Smart Magnetic Vat With Everlast Membrane

Everlast membranes increase life up to 50,000 layers and significantly improves part consistency. With NFC technology, your vat will automatically keep track of it’s membrane lifetime as well as the resin type currently stored within. Once you’ve placed the vat in position it will auto-lock, and is ready to be used.
Our xip resin dispense system showing how the level sensor, vat, and cartridge connect and interact.

Auto-Dispensing Resin System

With the new Gravity Feed Resin System, you can print large prints (up to 1.3 kg) without interruption. The Gravity feed resin system replenishes the resin in the vat and maintains a constant level, preventing leaks from occurring in your printer.
Contain your resin filled vats into storage units and stack them for easier organization.

Stackable Vat Containers

Stackable storage containers house vats that contain resin, blocking UV light and significantly extending resin shelf life.
Easily remove and insert your xip printer build plates with a single hand.

Quick-Connect Build Plate

Single lever design allows you to insert and remove the build plate with a single hand. Fluid dynamic design reduces surface area and speeds up resin flow back to the vat. Angled as well as upright self standing design allows quick draining and easy part removal.
Start a print and walk away with your xip printer.

Start the Print & Walk Away


With the level sensor and NFC sensory devices, you can start a print and walk away knowing that there will be enough resin for the entire print job. The printer will track the resin level in the vat and start the print automatically once it reaches the expected level.









Built Nexa3D Tough

A rugged structure with a modular system means optimized usability, serviceability, and upgradability.





Front view of the XiP printer highlighting the solid aluminum frame

Solid Aluminum Shell

The aluminum shell anchors the sub components and Z-axis into place providing a strong foundation that can support printing at unprecedented speed and accuracy.
  • A stable platform ensures no extraneous movements affect your print
  • Withstand the extra wear and tear that accompanies 20x productivity
Shows an image of the XiP printer with the door open and a part completed.

Designed for Now and the Future

Things that move, eventually break. The XiP minimizes moving parts and is designed for frequent use. The only items that move during printing are the Z-axis and gravity-fed flowing resin. That’s it.
  • Minimal moving parts extends overall lifetime of printer
  • Built-in spill containment and wet-less operation 
Shows the modularity of our printer and the lcd being able to be removed and replaced from the XiP printer.

Modular & Replaceable Components

The XiP design is highly modular with almost all wear items being replaceable without tools. We’ve made sure that serviceability and maintenance of these pieces are just as simple as the rest of the experience.
  • Replace key components at the end of its useful life
  • Easily upgrade to new parts to keep up with rapidly growing market standards


XiPs intelligent and intuitive software called NexaX allows you to quickly and easily prepare your 3d model files for print

Intelligent and Intuitive Software

XiP’s software, NexaX, generates part-by-part fully customizable support structures, and has features to hollow parts and create internal lattice structures. Part duplication and stacking is quick and easy.

One-Click Layout & Stacking

Easily orient, transform, and duplicate in x, y, and z directions. Auto-fill your entire build plate with the click of a button.

Advanced Support Generation

Auto generate complex support and lattice structures that adapt to any model you import. Manually add, edit, or remove multiple support points with ease.

Wireless File Transfer & Printer Management

Connect to all your printers and view everything in a clean an organized dashboard. Send files right from your computer.





All-in-One Automated Post-Processing


Clean and finish your parts to perfection all with the XiP Wash & Cure.





Xip Wash & Cure allows both Wash and Cure with the same system. Wash setup on left and cure setup on right.

Wash & Cure

Wash & cure all in one system. Magnetic stirrers provide consistent cleans and a rotating base platform provides an evenly cured finish.


XiP accessory kit displaying all the tools necessary for the perfect post processing finish.

Remove Supports

Easily remove, cut, and peel extra material using the complementary accessory kit tools



Accelerate your productivity by 20x.

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