Why choose a syringe?

There’s more than meets the eye!

A syringe is the best sample design to show off all the capabilities of the XiP desktop 3D printer. A syringe is a simple reciprocating pump consisting of a plunger that fits tightly within a cylindrical tube. To build these fully-functional assemblies, accuracy and repeatability is paramount. XiP is capable of building up to 24 assemblies in minutes.

See Design Features

XiP Desktop 3D Printer Syringe Sample Parts
  1. 1. Horizontal Bridging

    Demonstrates the low force applied to each layer during the printing process

  2. 2. Inner Diameter

    Ability to achieve and hold critical fine features

  3. 3. Unsupported Angles

    Allows parts to be self-supported to print with a minimal amount of extraneous support material

  4. 4. Fine feature detail

    Pyramidal knurling shows sharp feature transitions

  5. 5. Accuracy and Surface Finish

    Ability to design assemblies with functional tolerances and smooth mating surfaces

    How to Assemble

The Proof is in the Details

Designed to challenge the XiP Desktop 3D Printer

This is no ordinary syringe. We designed this sample part to push the boundaries of what the XiP 3D printer is capable of and repeat the method with exacting detail.

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