Nexa3D + Addifab

Get started with your own end-to-end 3D printed injection molding solution today

Addifab 3D Printed Injection Molding Desktop

Go from CAD model, to 3D printed tool, to injection molding production in just hours, not weeks or months.

Freeform injection molding by Nexa3D + Addifab allows you to print real tools. Choose from hundreds of industry-standard injection molding materials with the option to print traditional molds for higher volume runs, or dissolvable molds for ‘impossible’ geometries.

Skip the machine shop, just hit print and go.

Cut tooling costs by 96%

Iterate with ease

Hundreds of injectable materials

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Addifab Freeform Injection-Molding Powered Nexa3D

Dissolvable Tools

Print tools for highly complex parts that have delicate features, internal channels and more, inject certified materials, and then dissolve away the tool.

Nexa3D and Addifab 3D Printer Baseball Bats
Wilson Sporting Goods Logo

Wilson Case Study

With Nexa3D’s large print envelope and ultrafast LSPc process, the Wilson R&D group can now produce multiple parts at once, in a rapid manner, allowing for multiple design iterations in a single print batch.
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PepsiCo Patented Mold 3D Printed Nexa3D
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PepsiCo Case Study

PepsiCo’s patented hybrid-made molds made on NXE 400 industrial 3D printer can be successfully used for more than 10,000 bottles before failure at up to a 96% reduction of cost compared to traditional metal tooling.
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