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3D Printing in the Dental, Automotive, and Medical Industries

Tyler Rex

3D printing in the dental, automotive, and medical industries are just a few examples of the countless fields that could improve their production cycles by integrating Nexa3D’s revolutionary technology. Not only can our lightning-fast printing speeds help you to improve productivity by 20X, but our expansive library of materials also allows you to create virtually any prototype. Here, we’ll consider three industries as examples to show what our systems can do. 

3D Printing in the Dental Industry

The dental industry has already benefitted significantly from 3D printing. It’s allowed dentists to more quickly create products that are a perfect fit for each patient’s unique bite pattern. If you’re in the dental field and are outsourcing your projects to businesses with 3D printing capabilities, why not take that work in-house? Making this decision can provide faster turnaround times while also saving you money.

Nexa3D’s dental materials are medical-grade, strong, flexible, and easy to polish. They’re suitable to create a range of dental products like splints, nightguards, and bleaching trays. Best of all, our software is user friendly, allowing you to have more control over each end product. 

3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

Auto industry professionals already know that Nexa3D’s products are perfect for their unique needs. They need to create prototypes that are bigger and tougher, but traditional machining, additive, and molding processes can slow you down while adding cost and wasted resources to supply chains. 

Not only can Nexa3D print in the materials they need to develop prototypes, but we can also help make development 6X faster. With a 2.5X larger build volume, our printers are capable of creating larger products at faster speeds. Best of all, you can transition from prototyping to low-scale production all on the same NXE400 3D printer. 

If you’re interested in reducing your R&D time and production costs, we can help.

3D Printing in the Medical Industry

Like the dental industry, the medical industry also needs to be able to print in safe materials. Furthermore, as medical technology evolves, the need for rapid prototyping is stronger than ever. As the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated, quick response is crucial in the medical field. 

Not only are our printers capable of helping you speed up your production times dramatically, but we’ve also partnered with Henkel, a leading supplier of high-impact functional additive materials. As a result, we developed xMED412, a polypropylene-like material that’s perfectly suited for manufacturing biocompatible, medical, and wearable devices. 

Learn more about how our medical-grade materials, combined with cutting-edge printing technology, can help your medical business achieve stronger productivity than ever. 

These are just a few examples of the countless applications of Nexa3D’s additive manufacturing technology. Contact us today to request a demo and see for yourself how our printers can help you achieve a circular economy.