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Create Prototypes in More Materials with Nexa3D’s Printers

Tyler Rex

Nexa3D’s printers and 3D printing software don’t just outmatch our competitors; they also have a leg up on traditional manufacturing processes like injection molding. By switching to our printers, you could eliminate waste from your supply chain and make your business 20X more productive. One of the reasons our clients are able to achieve that type of increase is that our printers can utilize a wide range of materials, far more than our competitors. 

Our proprietary LSPc technology allows our customers to get unprecedented results from their printers. As a result, you can create prototypes for countless projects, cutting out the intermediaries and giving you more control over your designs. 

No matter what industry you operate in, you’re sure to find multiple materials that will meet your needs. Learn more about our 3D printing materials, here.

For Auto Parts, Heavy-Duty Small Parts, and More: xCE Functional

Our xCE functional polymer is super strong, with high flexural strength and temperature resistance making it perfect for heavy-duty prototypes and short-run parts that would normally require injection molding. If you’re designing projects like auto parts, you need prototypes that can stand up to high temperatures and high stress. When you integrate one of our 3D printers into your manufacturing process, you don’t need to wait for third parties to get around to making your prototypes, even in high-performance materials like this one. In addition to saving time, this could also save your business money compared to traditional manufacturing processes. See it in action here.

For Biocompatible and Wearable Medical Devices, Audio Products, Diving Gear, and More: xMED412

If you’re in the medical space or create anything that goes into the nose, mouth, or ears, finding the right medical-grade material is key. Your prototypes need to be resistant to high impacts, biocompatible, and durable. Reclaim the prototyping stage of your design process with our xMED412 photopolymer that functions similar to a polypropylene. Discover for yourself here.

For Precision Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive Components: xCast

The industries above are just a few examples of the many that use precision investment casting methods to create their prototypes. Wax investment casting is an effective method of creating precision parts that has been around for thousands of years. However, it can be time-consuming and wasteful of materials. Nexa3D’s hardware enables you to create precision casting patterns more effectively using our 3D printing software and xCast material. 

It’s suitable for foundry work and provides a cleaner burnout for a variety of metals, such as titanium and aluminum alloys. If you’re ready to take your casting methods into the 21st century, allowing for greater precision and faster turnaround times, learn what xCast can do for you.

These are just a few examples of the many materials you can use with Nexa3D’s printers, and we’re adding more to our library all the time. If you’re ready to see for yourself how our products can speed up your production times, request a sample today.