[Webinar] Is Desktop Manufacturing a Reality in 2023?

Tyler Rex

If you ask the average 3D printer user if they can manufacture with a desktop 3D printer, you’d probably hear some “yeah, but…” answers. Truth is, most desktop 3D printers are too slow, they are limited to materials like PLA (not great for production parts), or the quality or part strength isn’t quite there…

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But in 2023 is that actually changing?

We discussed some real-world examples of how Nexa3D’s ultrafast 3D printing tech with XiP is making desktop manufacturing a reality for its users. We talked to Bruce LeMaster of Applied Rapid Technologies and Vlad Gutsman from Liquid Sound Technologies – two people who are using resin 3D printers daily to produce production parts. Harsha Bandaralage – the head of application engineering at Nexa3D – described how his team helps these kinds of customers hit the ground running with proven formulas.

What are we talking about?
– Local manufacturing vs. Offshore manufacturing
– The challenges with desktop manufacturing
– Are there real examples of companies doing this already?
– Can you do this?