Press Release | Nexa3D and Merz-Dental Partner to Expand Access to Ultrafast 3D Printing in Digital Dentistry

Lewis Simms
  • Leading digital dentistry provider, Merz-Dental becomes an authorized reseller for Nexa3D’s line of ultrafast 3D printers
  • Merz-Dental purchases multiple XiP desktop 3D printers to accelerate its own dental resin development
  • Nexa3D and Merz-Dental are exhibiting a full dental product portfolio at IDS 2023, March 14-18

Nexa3D and Merz-Dental Partner to Expand Access to Ultrafast 3D Printing in Digital Dentistry

Ventura, CA, March 14 2023 – Nexa3D, the ultrafast polymer 3D printing leader, announced today that it partnered with Mertz-Dental, a digital dentistry leader serving the majority of dental laboratories in Germany for 70 years, to significantly expand access to Nexa3D’s high-speed dental 3D printing technology. The partnership also further broadens Nexa3D dental applications by adding more dental materials to its resin portfolio.

Merz-Dental specializes in developing prosthetic dentures and consumables for dental practice and laboratory. As an innovation leader in acrylic materials for use in digital dentistry, Merz-Dental researches, develops, and manufactures specialized dental materials from its facilities in Lütjenburg (Schleswig-Holstein), Germany.

Merz-Dental has signed on as an authorized reseller for Nexa3D printers, and will provide service and support to Nexa3D dental customers throughout Germany. The company has also initially purchased a number of XiP desktop 3D printers to immediately accelerate its own research and development work on new materials.

“We are thrilled to partner with a dental market leader like Merz-Dental,” said Patrick Sullivan, Chief Revenue Officer at Nexa3D. “Our intention with the XiP was to offer a 3D printing platform that is open, fast, and accurate to proliferate the use of professional and dental desktop 3D printing. By adding Merz-Dental to our partner network, we’re delivering on the promise to democratize access to desktop 3D printing with an ever-expanding material portfolio for specialized applications.”

Launched in late 2022, the XiP has quickly become a desktop printer of choice for professional users looking to upgrade their desktop SLA and resin-based printers to larger build volume and faster print speeds, to ultimately drive higher throughput and productivity. With hundreds of units sold worldwide in just a few months, the XiP desktop 3D printer is already serving a wide variety of engineering and dental applications, including orthodontic models, splints, and surgical guides.

Both Nexa3D and Merz-Dental will exhibit its digital dentistry solutions at IDS 2023, March 14-18, in Cologne, Germany. Visit Hall 3.1, Stand K-069 and Hall 10.2, Stand 011 to learn more about the partnership.