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Our Strategic Partnerships Make the Difference

Tyler Rex

No one can go it alone, particularly if you’re out to transform the manufacturing industry as we know it. Our mission at Nexa3D is to take 3D printers out of the prototype makerspace and into the mass production space, and our strategic partnerships are what makes this possible. 

As we push the new frontier of additive manufacturing, we’re continuously establishing strong collaborations with world-class material suppliers like Henkel, BASF, DSM, Evonik, and Keystone. In partnering with these companies, Nexa3D is helping to develop and bring to market a new generation of polymers for 3D printers in the dental, automotive, electrical, and electronic industries. 

Our incentive to develop new supply-chain approved materials with like-minded companies stems from our being an open-source platform. 

When we set out in 2016 to accelerate the future of additive manufacturing, we knew the only way to do it was by making our printers open-source systems that would be able to handle whatever industrial-grade material would be needed for a given production. 

The previous generations of 3D printers were designed to only work with materials specified to their purpose. This technological limitation of yesterday is responsible for the total obsolescing of today’s market of 3D printers. It’s also responsible for blocking the industry’s widescale transition from rapid prototype production to industrial-scale manufacturing.

We have removed this obstacle to transformation by designing 3D printers that can work with the full range of industrial polymers, making us a leader in the future of additive manufacturing. But open-source models alone won’t fuel the expansion. As we scale up the size, speed, and quality of 3D printers, we’re creating and accelerating a new demand for the state-of-the-art materials they will process.

By partnering with the best and brightest material suppliers in the world, we’re able to leverage their deep experience in chemistry with our deep knowledge of 3D printers and together forge the next level of additive manufacturing production. These open network collaborations not only break the traditional productivity and functionality barriers of our industry but also allow our customers to create truly functional parts across a wider range of applications.

We live in exponential times when the convergence of key technologies like AI, robotics, and 3D printing are poised to disrupt and redefine how we manufacture on an industrial scale.

Through internal innovations and external collaborations, Nexa3D is truly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Why Choose a Nexa3D Printer?


Nexa3D makes the best industrial 3D printers and 3D printing software. Our printers are designed to work quickly and drastically cut down your turnaround time, whether you’re using another model or relying on injection molding companies to produce your prototypes. They work with a wide range of materials and are flexible enough to take on jobs large and small.

Are you losing time due to slow production processes? Do you hate waiting to see how small adjustments to your design will turn out? Is your company wasting resources? Nexa3D can help with all of these problems. We want you to create a circular economy that’s free of inefficiency so you can maximize profitability.


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