Together We Are Strong: Support for Ukraine

Earlier this year, Russia unlawfully and horrifically invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine. The devastation has been staggering. Per Reuters, the latest casualty counts indicate:

Deaths: At least 46K
Non-fatal injuries: 12K
Missing: At least 400
Displaced: At least 13M
Buildings destroyed: At least 2.1K
Property damage: Approximately $600B

In direct response to this crisis, the additive manufacturing industry has banded together to support Ukraine – and, more importantly, Ukrainians.

This crisis directly impacts our world, our colleagues, our families, and it is a moral and ethical obligation to provide the aid and support we can.

In that vein, we have come together in a community-driven consortium: Together We Are Strong.

Statements have underscored the feelings of leaders across additive manufacturing, from ceasing business operations in Russia to donating directly to Ukraine. More than statements, though, are actions. In addition to cutting ties with aggressor nations, businesses have been donating their time, expertise, resources, services, and products. Just as 3D printing came together to produce immediately needed PPE at the earliest heights of the pandemic two years ago, today we come together in aid.

This Forbes article beautifully details progress from the Together We Are Strong initiative.

As the AM industry prepares for the largest event in North America at RAPID + TCT in Detroit, we wanted to do more while we would be together.

With the collaboration of Nexa3D, EOS, BigRep, Terry Wohlers, SYGNIS, Digital University, and 3YOURMIND, we are hosting a silent auction with items donated from 3D printing industry companies, in which all proceeds will go directly to support:

  1. Advanced manufacturing of parts needed now for medical and aerospace
  2. Educational workshops to train Ukrainian refugees in 3D printing technologies

These efforts represent an extension of ongoing projects that have already been implemented. With your support, we can bring more direct aid and opportunity to those affected by unconscionable war.

There are two ways to help:


With the support of RAPID + TCT event organizers, we will be offering donated items for the silent auction.

Nexa3D was the first company to step up, and we are pledging to the effort:

One XiP desktop 3D printer individual package (value: $7,999)
One NXE 200 industrial 3D printer (value: $49,990)

To date, nearly one dozen organizations have pledged more than a quarter-million dollars’ worth of items – with 100% of proceeds going directly to Ukraine.

Some of the other notable inclusions on the silent auction list include:

  • Wohlers Associates – five (5) copies of the 2022 Wohlers Report (value each: $595)
  • 3YOURMIND – one-year license: Digital Inventory Lighthouse software for Identification and Qualification of AM use cases (value: $69,000)
  • EOS – 3D printed violin, set up by luthier / violin maker (value: $50,000)
  • BigRep – Terra Stool (value: $200), Mandalorian Helmet (value: $150), 3-foot-tall vase (value: $250), $500 credit for BigRep Material
  • Sygnis – Art and jewelry, including collaborations with 3DArtech, valued from $250-$300

It’s not too late to participate. Add your donations here.


The second way to be involved with the silent auction is, of course, participating in the bidding!

The auction will be hosted virtually on a platform called Allegro, and all funds will be raised and distributed with the aid of Digital University.

The auction platform itself will be live on Monday, May 16, with bidding open throughout RAPID + TCT:

  • Bidding opens 10am ET Tuesday May 17
  • Bidding closes 12pm ET Thursday May 19

A donation link will also be available for those wishing to contribute financially either outside the auction or after not securing the highest bidding position.

Bids are welcome from organizations looking to build up their own capabilities in additive manufacturing while contributing to a vitally important initiative AS WELL AS from individuals interested in donating to or bidding in the auction.

Additional details are available here.

Running point for this initiative is Sarah Goehrke – reach out for any information, quotes, details, questions, or comments:

Details available at Nexa3D Booth #1501 throughout RAPID + TCT.