[Webinar] Learn Why MotoCilino Switched from Form to XiP

We sat down with Paul Cilino, owner of design engineering firm MotoCilino, to chat about his switch to XiP. He talks all about why he switched, what the transition has been like, and how XiP stacks up against the rest of his 3D printer fleet.

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When Paul Cilino—owner of design engineering firm MotoCilino—researches a new 3D printer he doesn’t cut any corners. With over 25 years of experience as a mechanical engineer and machinist, Paul has come to rely heavily on his small fleet of desktop 3D printers. So why, in June of this year did he make the switch from Formlabs to XiP? How are things going for him? And maybe most importantly—is it time for you to consider doing the same?

What are we talking about?
– Building out the perfect 3D printing fleet
– Why did he switch from Form to XiP?
– Transitioning to a new system – what you need to know