XiP Pro Selected Winner | Editors Choice: Fastest Resin 3D Printer

Nina Swienton

Digital Engineering names XiP Pro 3D printer as editors pick for fast resin 3D printing.

On the heels of our public launch of XiP Pro at this year’s RAPID+TCT, we are honored to see it recognized by Digital Engineering as its Editor Pick for fast resin 3D printing.

We developed XiP Pro because we have always believed that the trifecta of speed + quality + high performance materials was possible to achieve, and in many ways absolutely necessary in order to move 3D printing into final part production or production of meaningful part volume. That is how XiP Pro was born and we couldn’t be more proud of what it brings to the additive manufacturing community in terms of scaling production in a more economical and sustainable way.

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For more information on XiP Pro, head over to the product page.

XiP Pro fastest resin 3D printer
The XiP Pro is designed to print stacked parts, allowing users to fill the build box with various parts of various sizes.