The Nexa Level | Unlocking the potential of polymer 3D printing

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The Nexa Level

We’re inviting you on our mission to shatter traditional 3D printing productivity, democratize access to production polymers and digitize the world’s supply chains sustainably.

The manufacturing industry is under pressure to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint. Raw materials, manufacturing processes and transportation are just some contributing factors that need addressing. One answer to solving these issues is additive manufacturing.

But reducing emissions isn’t as simple as installing a machine — fully embracing this technology requires us to rethink manufacturing methods, design approaches and product lifecycles.

In each edition of The Nexa Level we bring together several industry innovators and experts to discuss topical issues in manufacturing and share exclusive expertise that will transform the industry.

Issue One — 3D printing and the circular economy


Our first edition features highlights including:
  • Number crunching: Polymer 3D printing market insights — SmarTech Analysis gives knowledgeable insight into the state of the AM industry and shares predictions for the future of 3D printing.
  • Software and the 3D printing circular economy — Michele Marchesan sits down with Omer Blaier at CASTOR
  • 60 seconds with DELRAY Systems
  • 3D printing materials: Understanding innovation — Henkel explains the market drivers for 3D printing materials
  • Take the F1 challenge to see how many parts you could build during a race


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