Shielding Frontline Workers Quickly and Affordably

Responding to urgent requests for PPE from healthcare facilities, Nexa3D launched the Campaign to Protect Frontline Workers to quickly get face shields to the medical workers who need them most. Cutting edge 3D printing technology allows us to quickly mass produce medical equipment at prices hospitals can afford. 

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Protective Gear

The professionally produced Xshields by the Campaign To Protect Frontline Workers are compliant with Class 1 devices as listed under the emergency order. They protect the face, mouth, and eyes from spray and splatter, are lightweight and easy to clean.


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XShield Info Sheet

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The Campaign To Protect Frontline Workers manufactures professional-grade face shields that are easy for medical personnel to don and duff. Our face shields are lightweight and designed to be worn for long periods of time while limiting face exposure to aerosol and splatter. All of our products are made in the USA so they ship fast.

Once the order form is completed, our team will work quickly to supply your staff with our professional-grade protective face shields.



Face Shield Features:

  • Protects face, mouth, and eyes from spray and splatter
  • Fast assembly and easy cleaning
  • Elastic band offers secure fit

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