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If you and your team want to:

  • Get to market faster
  • Cut costs
  • Optimize innovation
  • Leverage flexible toolless manufacturing capabilities
  • Work with new gen of functional materials
  • Enjoy seamless transitions throughout your entire product life cycle
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…Nexa3D’s powerful NXE 400 3D printer technology can help! Our 3D printer for auto parts shortens time to market, reduces cost, and increases innovation with same day prototyping and next day production! With our technology, you’ll own your entire product life cycle and supply chain  and enjoy:

  • Compressed product development cycles
  • Reduced overall R&D costs
  • Shorter production lead times
  • flexible manufacturing at scale
  • No tooling costs
  • just in time prototypes and production part

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Boost your R&D and Manufacturing Productivity by a Factor of 20!

20X Productivity

Our 3D printing for automotive parts allows for better control of the entire product development and manufacturing process and the ability to move quickly on iterations. It boosts productivity by 20X and fundamentally simplifies the 3D printing process, resulting in:

  • Greater productivity
  • Quicker responses to market changes
  • Better control of processes
  • Digitized inventory
  • Seamless transition from prototyping to production — on the same printer!
Williams Racing using 3D Printing technology from Nexa3D

In addition to rapid prototyping, our 3D printer for auto parts enables true design optimization by reducing prototype development time by 6X. Larger prototypes can be realized with 2.5X larger build volume, and product development can transition from prototyping to low-scale production, all on the same printer!

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Our Circular Economy Design Principles Mean a Better Bottom Line and a Better World!

Circular Economy

Our 3D printer for car parts leverages circular economy principles in every phase of the design and delivery process by rigorously measuring and improving on what matters:

  • Minimizing process waste
  • Reducing energy consumption per part
  • Working with our customers to reduce their overall carbon footprint
  • Making it possible to produce parts on-site and on demand, reducing carbon footprint
  • Optimizing parts for lightweighting, parts combination, and reduction of power consumption per part through our Digital Twin Software

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Truly rapid time to market starts with Nexa3D! We make the world’s fastest polymer 3D printers affordable for a spectrum of industries, and our proprietary technology is shattering traditional 3D printing productivity barriers across the globe.

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