Introducing Ximplify: Our Automated 3D Printing Decision Support Portal

by Avi Reichental

Nexa3D is always looking to simplify 3D printing software so that it’s easier to use and provides more useful information. The right software can help you better plan for projects, get your prototypes right the first time, and save time and money. Ximplify, part of our NexaX 2.0 software suite, is a decision support portal that helps every business harness the power of additive manufacturing. Here, learn more about our Ximplify 3D printing software.

About Ximplify

Ximplify can scan through a complete bill of materials, breaking down every necessary component. It provides users with details like the cost and time needed to print each part. Using Ximplify in tandem with Nexa3D printers allows businesses to print more parts themselves, covering the entire design-to-manufacturing cycle so they can work more quickly and efficiently.

We partnered with CASTOR to create Ximplify, ensuring that it’s built with optimal features designed to help real businesses make the best design decisions. Our CEO, Avi Reichental, explains:

“We are excited to partner with CASTOR, a leading decision support software provider, to deliver orders of magnitude productivity and cost advantages to companies seeking to simplify their supply chain by quickly identifying opportunities to migrate tooled plastic parts to just-in-time, on-site, and on-demand additive polymer production.”

What Can I Use It for?

Ximplify is capable of handling many tasks, including:

  • Identifying tooled plastic parts that would be good candidates for 3D printing.
  • Creating immediate opportunities to reduce assembly complexity through effective part consolidation.
  • Estimating the cost of each part and return on investment.
  • Suggesting the most effective printing processes.
  • Recommending the best materials for the job.

The end result is better-quality components, more accurate budgeting, and more flexibility for your team to innovate at a faster pace. If you’re looking to streamline your supply chain, Ximplify is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your arsenal.

Why Choose a Nexa3D Printer?

Nexa3D makes the best industrial 3D printers and 3D printing software. Our printers are designed to work quickly and drastically cut down your turnaround time, whether you’re using another model or relying on injection molding companies to produce your prototypes. They work with a wide range of materials and are flexible enough to take on jobs large and small.

Are you losing time due to slow production processes? Do you hate waiting to see how small adjustments to your design will turn out? Is your company wasting resources? Nexa3D can help with all of these problems. We want you to create a circular economy that’s free of inefficiency so you can maximize profitability.

Contact Nexa3D today to learn more about NexaX 2.0 3D printing software and what it can do for your business.