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xMED412 is polypropylene-like material that is ideal for manufacturing a variety of biocompatible, medical and wearable devices. xMED412 is based on Henkel’s Loctite® MED412 material and is covered by all of its associated clearances, tests and certifications.

xMED412 is developed to deliver highly consistent part performance with extraordinary functionality. The medical-grade material is a very strong and durable photopolymer with mechanical attributes similar to polypropylene with fantastic elongation, impact strength, and compression strength.

xMED412 has been tested and cleared for production of nasopharyngeal swabs that comply with ISO 10993 testing and FDA Class I exempt classification.

xMED412 parts printed on Nexa3D’s NXE400 require post-processing and cleaning in accordance with the company’s recommendations and can be autoclaved, machined, tapped, or polished to deliver desired production finishes.

Partnered with Henkel

Unique Features
  • Hi impact polypropylene-like performance
  • Biocompatible medical-grade
  • Suitable for Autoclaving tapping and machining
  • Highly strong & durable
  • Can be polished for maximum clear finish
Use Cases and Applications
  • Biocompatible, medical and wearable devices: orthotics guides, braces ventilator parts and respirators
  • Personalized audio products
  • Nasopharyngeal swabs
  • Diving gear
  • Athletic wearables
Mechanical Properties
Measurement Condition Metric Imperial
Tensile Strength at Break ASTM D638 38 ± 1.4 MPa 5511 ± 203 psi
Tensile Strength at Yield ASTM D638 29.36 ± 1.3 MPa 4258 ± 188 psi
Young’s Modulus ASTM D638 1245± 43 MPa 181 kpsi
Elongation at Break ASTM D638 141 ± 4% 141 ± 4%
Flexural Strength at Yield ASTM D790 37.6± 2.56 MPa 5511± 371 psi
Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 1022± 76 MPa 148 kpsi
Flexural Strain at Break ASTM D 790 >10% >10%
Notched Izod Impact Strength ASTM D 256 42.6±5 J/m 0.798 ft-lb/in
HDT @ 0.455MPa ASTM D 648 40°C 104°F
Shore Hardness (0s, 3s) D scale ASTM D2240 70, 74



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