Nexa3D and me: Beneil Eisavi, Project/Product Manager

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Nexa3D is on a mission to change the way the world’s supply chains are managed — making them robust, digital and sustainable. To propel the industry into the future of additive manufacturing (AM), Nexa3D employs innovators from a wide range of backgrounds.

Nexa3D is currently searching for new talent to bring out of the box ideas to the company. In this article, Beneil Eisavi, project/product manager at Nexa3D, sheds light on his role, highlights the benefits of diversity and invites you to join the Nexa3D team.   

Beneil EisaviWhile studying for my Masters in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at California State University, Northridge, I worked as a teaching assistant. My role was to help students with their senior projects, showing them how to design for 3D printing and teaching them what they needed to know about the manufacturing process. It was there I discovered my passion for 3D printing.

A month after finishing my masters, I joined XponentialWorks. Headed up by Nexa3D’s CEO Avi Reichental, XponentialWorks is an incubator for early-stage companies. Over time, I became more and more involved in Nexa3D, before moving there full time in December 2020.

I now work as a project manager, supporting teams as they develop amazing products that customers can enjoy using. This involves interacting with stakeholders from different sectors, listening to their stories and creating products based on them. An important part of the role is to monitor a project’s progress — managing deadlines, budgets and risk assessments.

Diversity achieves creativity

Every day brings ten new challenges for us to solve as a team, so it’s important for us to think ahead at all times. Having a diverse workforce with employees from a range of disciplines and from all over the world helps us solve these problems — everyone has different ideas and solutions.

Because we are growing so rapidly, every team from design phase to manufacturing will have new members joining them. Team leaders are always on hand to guide new recruits and help them become the best they can be.

Why Nexa3D?

There is never a dull moment at Nexa3D. I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to so many fascinating projects, including the Qubotix automated station and the Arcimoto lightweighted electric vehicle. Working at Nexa3D exposes you to the forefront of technology — you’re never working on repetitive tasks  — that is what makes working at Nexa3D so interesting.

The 3D printing industry is fast-paced and dynamic, but no one can compete with the speed or quality of our products. Our next level technology is built from the ideas of our expert team, who work together on a mission to make the world a better place — I invite you to join us to help us succeed.

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