Nexa3D and me: Benjamin Liu, Software Developer

No two days are the same

Nexa3D’s printers are the fastest on the market. Its team of experts work together to provide customers with ultrafast, high-quality, cost-effective products. Nexa3D embraces young talent, offering opportunities to grow, strengthen and challenge its employees. In this article, Benjamin Liu, software developer at Nexa3D, shares insight into his career so far.

I studied computer engineering at UC Santa Barbara and was interested in gaining experience in software development and UI/UX. I was recommended a role at Nexa3D by a friend working at the company and, after researching Nexa3D, I knew it would be a great opportunity. I was impressed that Nexa3D had the fastest printers on the market — I wanted to be a part of the team to join the company’s mission to revolutionize the industry.

Working at Nexa3D

I originally joined Nexa3D part-time as an intern in my third year at college, and after graduating in 2020 I became a full-time employee. Joining a small start-up company meant I had the opportunity to be involved in a varied group of projects, so I learnt a lot in the first couple of months. No two days are the same!

Today, my role as a software developer is to use code to build software, update it and add new features. For example, I work with our file preparation software, which our team and customers use to prepare models for the printer, such as by orientating parts and designing support structures. I have also had the opportunity to focus on the user experience side of Nexa3D’s software, by designing workflows and page interfaces. Day to day, I work on both the back and front-end connections for the company; I enjoy making sure our software is as user friendly as possible, this is something Nexa3D is really leading the way in.

I work predominantly with one co-worker — the friend that recommended me the job actually! However, I also spend a lot of time with the rest of the team, both inside and outside the workplace. We’re a close-knit group!

Why work at Nexa3D?

Working at Nexa3D gives you to access to a wealth of opportunities. Even as an intern, I was continuously given the chance to challenge myself with new projects and learn new skills. My favourite project to work was designing the file preparation software; NexaX 2.0 throughout the project, I was able to apply the skills I had already, while learning so much!

First, I was tasked with designing a program that offered the best user experience on the market, while including all the necessary features. I then worked on the front end of the software, using the artboards to design and code the visuals. I also worked on building and integrating the main functionalities and features, such as 3D part manipulation, settings management, printer management, support generation and slicing.

Working on the file preparation software gave me an opportunity to make a big difference to both Nexa3D and our customers — saving everyone time and money. Before this project,  we needed to use two different programs to print, one of which was from a third party and was expensive. The new software combined the important features from each, significantly streamlining the workflow and improving user experience. NexaX 2.0 is now used by everyone who prints using a Nexa3D printer.

Working at Nexa3D challenges you — it is a great environment to learn and grow. It’s the perfect place to enhance your skills, as the team gives you responsibility and an opportunity to contribute towards innovative projects from day one.

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