Nexa3D and me: Eduardo Reveles, Mechanical Engineer

Shaping the next generation of innovators

Nexa3D’s printers achieve 20X productivity over all current state additive products. Due to the success of its technology, the company is recruiting engineers with new ideas on how to step even further into the future.

Nexa3D is looking for vibrant innovators with ideas for how to make the world a better place — no matter their experience level. In this article, Eduardo Reveles, mechanical engineer at Nexa3D, discusses his experiences as a young engineer, shares his journey at Nexa3D and gives insight into Nexa3D’s opportunities for new recruits.

Engineering was a natural career choice for me, as I have always been curious about how mechanical components functioned day-to-day. Aged twelve, I started learning about cars and attempting to take them apart — I am fascinated about the way things work. To me, there’s no better way of figuring things out than with hands-on experience.

My journey with Nexa3D

I joined Nexa3D as an intern in the summer of 2019 while still in college — studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of California. After my internship I stayed on as a mechanical engineer in the design team. My current role is to design, test and validate products before they are sent to the customer.

As a small engineering team, we all work together closely, bringing products from the first design stages to production. It’s extremely rewarding watching your drawing become a part you can hold in your hand and knowing it will be put into a ground-breaking machine.

Why Nexa3D?

As an young engineer, Nexa3D gave me much more responsibility than I was expecting, which meant I had a chance to make a big difference to the industry from very early in my career. The team is patient and offers great support to all new employees, with lots of opportunities for training.  I also like how much trust the managers put in me from an early stage — it helped me grow my confidence quickly.

Something I really like about working at Nexa3D is that it is fearless. For example, the company recently broke barriers and entered the dental market with the NXD200 dental printer. There was a clear market need, because creating dental fixtures can take weeks to mould manually, but our product can create them in 30 minutes. It was fantastic to be involved in such a cutting-edge project — one that I know will make a big difference to people’s lives.

Working at Nexa3D

Working at Nexa3D makes you want to grow as an individual. As a young engineer, I feel trusted, acknowledged and a valued part of the team, something I know is not the case at every company.

We have a great culture both inside and outside of work. There are regular social events, including playing basketball together after work and having lunch together several times a week. Each day I wake up happy to go to work and ready to learn something new. I learn from the best people in their field and there’s always someone to go to when I need help.

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