Nexa3D and me: Harsha Bandaralage, Application Engineer

Innovative challenges that enhance teamwork

Since forming in 2016, Nexa3D has employed innovators and pioneers to push the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D printing technology. By the end of 2021, the company will have grown to more than 80 people, working as a team to cement its position as the leading pure play provider of ultrafast polymer 3D printers.

Nexa3D is now recruiting for several roles across engineering, sales and marketing. In this article, Harsha Bandaralage, Application Engineer at Nexa3D, shares insight into his role, discusses the importance of teamwork and explains the benefits of joining the Nexa3D team.

My first steps into the industry were studying a Bachelors in Engineering Physics and a Masters in Bio-instrumentation at the University of Lethbridge. I then went on to work as a biomechanical engineer at a children’s hospital, where I was first introduced to 3D printing. In the Orthopaedics department, we used 3D printing to produce parts for surgery.

The first time I printed a spine, I remember walking into the hospital the morning after setting the printer up and seeing a beautiful model — my experiences at the hospital got me very excited about 3D printing technology.

My journey into 3D printing

After deciding to pursue a career in the 3D printing industry, I joined the flexible factory team at Nexa3D in April 2020. What caught my attention when applying was the problem-solving aspect of the job. At Nexa3D, every project is a challenge — whether it’s figuring out how to orient a component, generate support structures or optimize parts to get the best result.

My job as an application engineer is to benchmark parts for our customers. This means understanding the exact customer requirements, choosing materials, adapting designs and producing parts with the required surface finish, quality and accuracy. An important part of my role is knowing what questions to ask our customers, as many of them are just starting out with the technology.

Essentially my job is, wowing our customers to encourage them to purchase our 3D printing system. Because our machine is so fast, we often save our customers a lot of time, as well as help them cut costs. It’s rewarding to see the impact we are having on these businesses, making them more efficient, productive and competitive.

Working together

Everyone here enjoys a challenge, and as a small, close-knit group, I’ve got to know everyone well. The level of knowledge and experience of the people in our team is impressive — there’s always someone I can go to for advice. I like how, while I am challenged every day to grow as an individual, we always move forward as a team. Company culture is extremely important to us, employees here are always motivating others to do well — we want to see everyone succeed!

I hugely recommend applying for a role at Nexa3D — if you are up for a challenge then it is perfect for you. Working here, there is never a dull moment. Gone are the days sitting around waiting around for work to come to you, there is always something to be done or a new project to get stuck into!

We love listening to new ideas on how to make a big impact in the AM world. So, get in touch, show us what you’re passionate about and share what you can bring to the team.

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