Nexa3D and me: Kenyon Whetsell, Engineering Manager

Business as a team sport

Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer 3D printers is recruiting. Nexa3D is looking for this generation’s pioneers to join them in their mission to be the leading pure play provider of ultrafast polymer 3D printers. In this article, Kenyon Whetsell, Engineering Manager at Nexa3D shares insight into his role, outlines the challenges the company overcame during the pandemic and the importance of collaboration.

Kenyon WhetsellI joined Nexa3D in June 2018 as a hardware engineering lead, looking for a business where my skills could contribute to its growth.  I have experience in machining and automation, and the shift from subtract to additive manufacturing was the natural next step for me as a lot of the components and strategies are similar.

I enjoy the new challenges that we face and creating innovative solutions to those problems. Getting to see our customer successes, results and unique case studies are extremely rewarding.

Working at Nexa3D

As a hardware engineering lead, I am responsible for managing hardware development and ensuring everything meets product and customer requirements. Another part of my job is making sure the teams are collaborating effectively because communication is key to our success, particularly during the pandemic. Though we were only closed for a short period, remote working was a key learning lesson.

We used a range of collaboration tools for both internal and external meetings, motivating each other to stay productive. One of the most important aspects of remote working was contuining to collaborate with the team. We even played virtual games and shared stories, helping people stay positive.

Being a team sport

One of my favorite things about working at Nexa3D is the team atmosphere. Business should be a team sport, with everyone working together and collaborating on a project. Everyone here is very friendly, and we all work hard to meet the business’ strategic goals as a team. We’re all team players, celebrating when we are successful and challenging ourselves when developing new ideas. We enjoy company outings together, going for happy hour and sharing our wins over a drink.

A favorite project of mine to work on was the NXE400 printer. It was really rewarding to see it go from development to the market. Its success was celebrated by our team and everyone that worked on it was really pleased with the finished product.

Company culture is hugely important at Nexa3D. We want everyone to have the chance to contribute and work together to accomplish the best end result. Our products are fairly unique on the market in terms of speed and productivity and I enjoy being included in projects that challenge me.

If you enjoy working as part of a team in a place where you can collaborate with kindred spirits both in and out of the office, visit the Nexa3D careers page