Nexa3D and me: Kevin McAlea, COO

Revolutionary technology that makes a real difference

Nexa3D’s printers have an advantage that no one can match, delivering 20X productivity. Now, Nexa3D is opening its doors for kindred spirits to join its growing team, with over 40 available roles across engineering, sales and marketing. In this article, Kevin McAlea, COO at Nexa3D, shares his passion for the industry.

I have been in the 3D printing for many years. I started my career when the technology was in its infancy, joining a 3D printing start-up as an engineer in the early 90s, helping grow the business until it was acquired by a large company. Though I started as an engineer, I have worked across a variety of roles, from manufacturing to global sales and marketing to operations. By joining the 3D printing sector in its early days, I was able to watch the industry transgress through several different phases, from the very first printers to witnessing designers bringing products to life that we never thought possible before.

As the industry grew, my time European and global roles meant I travelled through America and Europe, enjoying being a part of such an exciting and ever-changing industry. I worked with Avi for twelve years at 3D Systems and, when I heard about Nexa3D, I liked the idea of completing the circle in my career by joining a start-up again.

Working at Nexa3D

My official role is COO, which encompasses a broad range of responsibilities: from driving company and product strategy, to getting involved in technical projects. Essentially, I am responsible for the core of the company’s business functions.

However, Nexa3D is a dynamic start up environment, and there are opportunities for everyone to get involved in things that are outside their day-to-day roles. Before Nexa3D, my roles were much more defined — now, I am involved in everything! As well as the variety it offered, another attraction of joining Nexa3D was the sense of purpose and connection to each project. What every member of the team contributes is reflected in the company’s results — a satisfying and motivating experience.

My favourite project so far has been our work with WeMed, a medical start-up in France. We helped the team to manufacture a 3D printed stethoscope using biomimicry. Our close partnerships with materials specialists meant we were able to customize materials for the application to color match effectively. It’s a revolutionary piece of technology, so being involved was a rewarding experience; I enjoy being connected to the final result of projects like these and seeing how our work really makes a difference.

Our projects are not only physically rewarding but also environmentally. We are dedicated to creating 3D printing solutions that can improve our planet as well as people. Our printers encourage less waste and reduce energy input, making them the obvious solution when wanting to reduce your cardon footprint.

There is already a high demand for ultrafast manufacturing processes, but Nexa3D has the potential to change the world in more ways than just speed. From supporting the creation of cutting-edge medical devices using customized materials, to achieving a drastic reduction in the manufacturing industry’s carbon footprint, the company is well on its way to achieving its mission of digitizing the world’s supply chain sustainably. Just one example is that Nexa3D helps customers reduce their carbon footprints by enabling a virtual warehouse capable of rapidly producing parts on-site, shortening supply chains and reducing transportation emissions. We support sustainability while increasing efficiency, providing technology that can’t be compared to anything else on the market.

Joining the team

To work at Nexa3D, you have to love a fast-paced work environment. We move from ideas to products rapidly, which gives our team the chance to work on several exciting projects without restraint, as well as see the impact they are making quickly. We have an incredibly talented and passionate team, who provide endless inspiration, support and friendship.

At Nexa3D, you get the opportunity to work on technology that’s making a real difference, both to manufacturing businesses and to people’s lives. Working at Nexa3D means being at the forefront of the AM industry. If you like the sound of that, join us!

The timing is right for Nexa3D, is it right for you? If so, visit our careers page