Nexa3D and me: Tania Corona, Head of Human Resources - Nexa3D

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Creating a company culture that inspires innovation

Nexa3D was founded in 2016. Every year, it takes on more and more innovators to drive the company’s disruption in the additive manufacturing (AM) sector. By the end of 2021, we will be a team of more than 80 people, working together to change the way the world’s supply chains are managed — making them robust, digital and sustainable.

To fuel this growth, Nexa3D is recruiting for several roles across engineering, sales and marketing. In this article, Tania Corona, Head of Human Resources at Nexa3D sheds light on her role, discusses the importance of company culture, and explains why you should join the Nexa3D team.

ITania Corona started my HR career as a receptionist reporting to the HR team, where I fell in love with the people element of the job. Though HR is a compliance-oriented field by nature, my passion is in leadership and people management. I did a graduate degree in leadership development and have also been accepted into a doctorate programme.

I had experience working in both the technology and manufacturing industries in previous roles, so when I saw the opportunity to join Nexa3D I jumped at the chance. I knew I could be a real asset to the company, helping Nexa3D grow and develop its team to deliver game changing technology and achieve real change for customers, and even entire industries.

My Nexa3D journey

I joined Nexa3D in February 2020, right before the pandemic hit. At this point in my HR career — over two decades into it — I wanted to join a company where I could help create and lead a company culture in line with my personal values. Nexa3D appealed to me as it is a start-up, rather than a more structured and hierarchical corporate organisation, and it has strong and compelling leadership. I was also taken aback by its ground-breaking technology — everyone always is!

The Nexa3D company values are to be hungry, happy, helpful and humble and these are the foundation of our company culture. What I personally love about our company culture is that it is very family oriented. We work hard and socialise well together, and there are plenty of opportunities to connect on a human level. Often this happens at our coffee bar, where I catch our team passionately debating both professional and personal topics, challenging each other to think differently and be their best selves.

My role here is incredibly varied. I manage and organise the company benefits package, ensure we are compliant with all relevant legislation, spearhead health and safety and do a lot of training with our management team. Naturally, talent is a big part of my role — hiring the right people is one of the most important decisions a start-up can make. Every single employee has a vital role to play in the bigger picture — our company’s mission — so hiring and onboarding are mission critical to the business.

Personal development

We have a great team here, and progression can be quick — an important part of my role is supporting the career growth of our managers, helping them to develop as leaders. I also support them with more practical issues, like creating career pathways for their teams.

As a small, close knit group, leadership development is crucial. I love having the opportunity to support people through this process, helping them to develop their leadership skills and achieve their dreams. I’m always available to talk to people one on one, helping them peel back the layers and figure out the best way forward. Here, my role is to actively listen, coach, and support with kindness and compassion — essential skills for every HR professional or leader.

My tips for your application

I wholeheartedly recommend a career at Nexa3D. To me, the culture really stands out — it’s welcoming, embracing and open. If you are a kindred spirit, someone who is looking for an opportunity to make a big impact and maybe even change the world, here are my top tips for your application:

If you’re interested in speaking further about our available roles, email me on or visit our careers page. Today could be the first day of the rest of your career!

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