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by Avi Reichental

3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM) have the potential to change a lot for the better, especially when it comes to supply chain management. As any manufacturer will tell you, supply chain issues are more than a headache: they impact nearly every aspect of doing business, so being able to control more of your supply chain can mean a real competitive advantage. Furthermore, supply chains are notoriously dirty — that is, their carbon footprint is huge and must be dealt with seriously if we’re going to address climate change in any kind of meaningful way. Nexa’s 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology can help businesses and manufacturers do all of the above!

Our End-to-End Solutions

Supply chain management is more than the movement of goods from raw materials to finished products; it’s the bringing together of internal and external processes and networks to execute faster, reduce friction, and bring more transparency to the process. Our technology allows manufacturers to keep more of their supply chain in-house and under tighter control, which leads to less waste and quicker turnaround times. With our 3D printing and additive manufacturing, you can:

Be More Like Mother Nature

At Nexa3D, we believe that paying attention to sustainability is not just the future of good business but the responsibility of great design. We leverage circular economy principles, a system more like what’s found in nature, in all phases of our design and delivery process to preserve and reuse resources. Ours is a faster, more flexible additive manufacturing model that allows supply chains to respond to needs in real time, at a fraction of the cost of traditional tooled or machined plastics.

We’re deeply committed to applying circular economy design principles into every phase of design, material formulating, printing and post-processing. Through our technology, we make it our mission to help businesses and manufacturers across the globe do the same!

Let us help you own more of your supply chain sustainably! Get in touch today!