NXE 400 3D printer

XiP is Different

Industrial designers and design engineers already leverage rapid prototyping to validate form, fit, and function, while getting products to manufacturing as quickly as possible. But today’s desktop 3D printers are still painfully slow—one to two jobs per day… if not overnight or multiple days.

Learn what makes XiP different

“[What I like about the XiP] is that it uses a low-force 3D printing process (LSPc) which means you can use support structures/touchpoints that are either smaller or significantly reduced in number compared to other desktop SLA systems. This means that post-processing time is significantly reduced”

– Paul Cilino, Mechanical Design Engineer and Owner at MotoCilino, LLC

Go from CAD to part in hours minutes with the world’s first ultrafast desktop 3D printer—XiP.

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Large Prototypes Fast

8 Iterations in One Day

3D print small and medium prototypes in minutes, or pack the entire build volume with a single large print or full assembly and get the job done in an hour or two. It’s not a fantasy, it’s XiP.

Silky Smooth Surfaces

Smooth Surfaces. High Detail.

Prototypes need to communicate an idea to your boss or your clients. Layer lines can be distracting, sanding is a pain. Print smooth surfaces with production-level quality thanks to 4K antialiasing and sub-pixel resolution.

Prototyping with NXE 400 Industrial 3D printer

Prototype in Production Materials

ABS and Polypropylene are two common production materials. Our xABS and xPP are near-perfect resin matches for property performance while mimicking look and feel so you can actually test your prototypes and they look good too.

PepsiCo Patented Mold 3D Printed Nexa3D

Seamless CAD to Part Workflow with NexaX

Bring your files in from your favorite CAD platform – NexaX takes the guesswork out of orienting, supporting, and optimized settings – it will even fix your mesh if needed. Start a print and monitor your print process from anywhere.

A package for those who make packaging.

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Ultrafast Desktop 3D Printer Designed for Professionals

NXE 400 industrial 3D printer for packaging

Nexa3D x45 Clear 3D Printer Resin


Lightning fast concept models – minutes or hours, not days

Nexa3D xPEEK147 Clear 3D Printer Resin


ABS-like resin for ABS look, feel, and performance prototyping

Nexa3D xWash Post-Processing Washing


PP-like resin for PP look, feel, and performance prototyping

Nexa3D xCure Post-Processing Curing


Compact automated washing and curing for XiP

Nexa3D xCure Post-Processing Curing


Cleans your parts more effectively and sustainably

Nexa3D xCure Post-Processing Curing


White-glove support and coaching for print success