XponentialWorks And The Collaborative Road To Upgrading Additive Manufacturing

The companies in the XponentialWorks portfolio are looking to enhance performance in generative design and additive manufacturing.

At formnext 2018, XponentialWorks highlighted the latest from Nexa3D, ParaMatters, NXT Factory, and Techniplas. XponentialWorks Founder, Chairman, and CEO Avi Reichental walked me through the newest offerings.

“This whole space is encumbered by size, speed, and scale,” Reichental said as we began our chat near the newest 3D printers from Nexa3D.

“After last year’s formnext, we looked at our tech. We began to iterate, and focus on breaking barriers in size, speed, and scale. We looked at our tech and thought: What would it look like if we scaled it big? How big is big? There’s a combination of light engine and membrane technology to take full advantage of a significantly larger XY build plate, and to go more significant on Z. What could we bring to market to upgrade additive manufacturing — and do it at at a reasonable price point, that was easy to own and operate?”

With a long and storied history in the 3D printing industry, Reichental noted with a smile that he’s “been doing this longer than most” and acknowledged that “it’s hard for me to get excited” about announcements these days. The lingering end to that sentence was a large “but…” as he gestured to the NXE 400 ultra-fast SLA production printer.

Nexa3D Chief Product Officer Izhar Medalsy joined the conversation to look at the particulars of the new speedy machine. It was built, he explained, to meet market needs as the team had worked to deeply understand what users wanted and needed.

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