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Get to Know xRook

xRook embodies print quality at speed—showcasing the power of XiP

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Learn about the xRook sample part from Nexa3D

Why xRook?

We took the iconic 3D printed rook and gave it a major upgrade. Redesigned mesh walls, added textures, and embossed and engraved text, and a complex unsupported hand structure inside all highlight XiP’s detail capabilities.

xRook Mesh Walls

Mesh Walls

Mesh walls show an important capability of design for lightweighting parts. An element that is nearly impossible with other technologies.

xRook Text Embossed

Text Embossed and Engraved

Text printed on XiP is not only legible but beautiful. xRook displays text throughout both embossed and engraved.

xRook Dynamic Texturing

Dynamic Texturing

XiP is capable of producing high level detail in texturing, enabling unique design elements that stand out.

xRook Complex Unsupported Internal Structure

Complex Unsupported Internal Structure

At the center of xRook is a complex hand reaching for the sky. xRook is printed entirely without supports showcasing XiP’s unique capabilities.

xRook Span Bridging

Span Bridging

Fine feature bridging saves time and reduces the need for additional supports.

xRook Smooth Surface Finish

Smooth Surface Finish

XiP is capable of smooth surface finish with 50 micron layer height and antialiasing technology for sub-pixel xy resolution.

xRook Speed

Printed FAST. Powered by Nexa3D’s industrial LSPc™ technology

Quantity: 15 xRooks per Build

Total Time:

  • xABS3843 – 3hrs 10min
  • xFLEX475 – 1hr 27min

Time per Part:

  • xABS3843 – 12min 48sec
  • xFLEX475 – 5min 48sec

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xRook Materials

XiP puts a wide range of engineering materials at your disposal including these two examples for xRook.


xABS3843 is an ABS-like resin that provides look, feel, and performance similar to injection molding ABS with good durability, strength, and heat deflection.

Tensile Strength: 32 MPa
Tensile Modulus: 1400 MPa
Notched Izod: 54 J/m
HDT @ 45 MPa: 56°C


xFLEX475 is a soft, silicone-like that can bend, flex, compress, and stress over multiple cycles without tearing. Ideal for shoe soles, bellows, seals and gaskets, and more.

Shore Durometer: 55A
Energy Return: 47%
Tear Strength: 7.3 kN/m

Made by

XiP is the first ultrafast desktop 3D printer—enabling multiple prototyping iterations in a single day and even low volume production.

  • 6.5x faster than traditional desktop SLA
  • 4.8L build volume
  • Open material platform with validated engineering photopolymers
  • Made sustainably, print responsibly. We plant 10 trees for every XiP sold.

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