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Freeform Injection Molding

Combining design freedom of resin 3D printing with mechanical performance of injection molding plastics

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“Freeform Injection Molding is a transformative technology that promotes rapid and cost-effective innovation. There are many invaluable benefits of FIM including complete design freedom, functional realism, extensive material options and final physical characteristics which enable advanced R&D capabilities without the traditional constraints.”

– Ky Layfield, Sr. Packaging Development Engineer, the Coca-Cola Company     


How Does Freeform Injection Molding Work

CAD to Tool in Hours

Combining the speed and throughput of Nexa3D’s LSPc printers with the flexibility of xMOLD resin you can go from design to complex tooling in a matter of hours. Accelerate your design cycles, slash your R&D costs, and get to market faster with digital tooling from Nexa3D.

Nexa3D Acquires Addifab
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Wilson Case Study

With Nexa3D’s large print envelope and ultrafast LSPc process, the Wilson R&D group can now produce multiple parts at once, in a rapid manner, allowing for multiple design iterations in a single print batch.
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The Complete Desktop FIM Package

  • XiP Desktop 3D Printer
  • xWASH FiM & Wash+Cure
  • APSX PIM Molding Unit
  • xMOLD Resin (5kg)
  • XiP Build Plate
  • Evercare Service Plan (1 year)
  • FREE—Mold Generator Software (1 year)


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Freeform Injection Molding Desktop Package
Design Guide for 3D Printed Tooling

[Download] Design Guide for 3D Printed Tooling

Comprehensive set of design guidelines for Freeform Injection Molding

Freeform injection molding combines the freedom of 3D printing with the reliability and mechanical performance of conventional injection molding. A complex tool is printed using a dissolvable xMOLD resin that is compatible with the actual molding feedstock to create prototypes and production parts in final grade plastics – within hours and at a fraction of conventional tooling costs. This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the design considerations and guidelines to optimize your 3D printed tool design.

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Go from CAD to Production in Hours Instead of Weeks

Digital Tooling enabled by the xMOLD resin allows you to print real tools that are compatible with hundreds of actual injection molding materials. Print traditional molds for higher volume runs or dissolvable molds for ‘impossible’ geometries.

Skip the machine shop, just hit print and go.

Cut tooling costs by 96%

Iterate more frequently and quickly

Choose from hundreds of injectable materials

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