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Our Ultrafast Dental 3D Printer

3D printing and dentistry aren’t strangers to each other; the industry has relied on the technology for some time. But these days, COVID-19 has challenged practitioners in unique ways. More of them are joining dental groups to consolidate and combine resources, and supply chain management and efficiency are of paramount importance. Patient-facing convenience and care consistency has also become key.  For these reasons and more, the dental industry is relying more heavily on the benefits of 3D printing to meet patient needs and demands:

  • 3D printing technology is expected to provide more than 60% of all dental production needs by 2025.
  • Recent reports suggest the global dental 3D printing market, valued at $260M in 2018, will reach $930M by the end of 2025, for a CAGR of 17%.
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Nexa3D’s Game Changing Technology

Our ultrafast, high-resolution NXD 200Pro 3D printer features revolutionary patented LSPc technology that combines superior build volume, extreme print uniformity, advanced process algorithms, modular design for onsite automation, and intelligent optimization.

As robust and versatile as they are, our 3D printers for dental applications are also simple to operate and ready to plug in and use, right out of the box!

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Nexa3D Expands its Digital Dentistry Customer Reach

Delivering Exponential Productivity Gains

Today, dentists rely on additive manufacturing to produce orthodontics, crown and bridge models, splints and dentures, and much more. Nexa3D’s advanced 3D printer technology meets the dental industry’s needs in ways the competition simply can’t match, producing the most complete set of dental restorations and aligners quickly and affordably. Here are they key benefits:

  • Faster production cycles mean shorter lead times from order to delivery
  • Greater dental labs production capacity resulting in higher productivity and lower costs
  • High performance dental materials with the required versatility to covers the range of dental restorations and aligners
  • Validated dental workflows with greater file to print automation mean less labor

Validated Workflows

Our dental printers come with accelerated part-to-print capabilities and are fully interoperable with all leading digital dental workflows and providers.

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Industry Leading Material Partners

We’ve partnered with Keystone Industries, a trusted dental manufacturer of biocompatible, cutting-edge, patented photopolymer resins, to make all Keystone KeyPrint® 3D printing dental resins available and validated on all Nexa3D printers.

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