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Packaging In Days, Not Weeks

From consumer goods, to cosmetics, to food and beverage, packaging is serious business. Creating eye-catching, sustainable, and cost-effective packaging traditionally takes weeks or months. With in-house 3D printing you can shorten that time significantly while enabling more thorough evaluation, feedback, and quality control.

Nexa3D printers are capable of speeds that cut those times down exponentially (literally).
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Bring packaging from idea, to design, to prototype, to molded part in a week with ultrafast LSPc™ 3D printing technology from Nexa3D.

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Large Plastic Bottle 3D printed prototypes

Large Prototypes. Fast.

You’ve heard that 3D printing is good for prototyping fast, but you’ve never seen speeds like this before. 2-liter bottle-sized prints in 1 hour. Small and medium parts can be done in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee.

3d printed packaging prototypes

Silky Smooth Surfaces

Packaging prototypes need to look good to get the point across. Layer lines can be distracting, sanding is a pain. Print smooth surfaces with production-level quality thanks to 4K antialiasing and sub-pixel resolution.

Prototyping with NXE 400 Industrial 3D printer

Prototype in Production Materials

ABS and Polypropelyne are two common materials. Our xABS and xPP are near-perfect resin matches for property performance while mimicking look and feel—so you can actually test your prototypes and they look good too.

PepsiCo Patented Mold 3D Printed Nexa3D

3D Printed Molds Capable of 10,000+ Shots

Ready to test your molds at volume? Better yet, want to get into production faster? Now you can print your molds in high-temp materials like xPEEK147 and produce thousands of blow-molded or injection molded parts.

A package for those who make packaging.

NXE 400

Large build volume 3D printer fit for 2-liter bottles and big boxes

NXE 400 industrial 3D printer for packaging

Nexa3D x45 Clear 3D Printer Resin


Lightning fast concept models—full-size prints in less than 24 hours

Nexa3D xPEEK147 Clear 3D Printer Resin


238°C HDT to produce blow molds capable of thousands of shots

Nexa3D xWash Post-Processing Washing


Cleans your parts more effectively and sustainably

Nexa3D xCure Post-Processing Curing


Automated curing for full-size packaging prints

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PepsiCo Hybrid Mold from Nexa3D 3D Printer

“Our R&D Team is able to reduce time to obtain functional samples by as much 80%, and reduce tooling costs by as much as 90%. With the NXE 400, we’re able to go from CAD to scale in just 48 hours.”

Max Rodriguez
Senior Manager of Global Packaging

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