3D Printing Materials

Engineered for ultrafast speed, durability and accuracy, Nexa3D printing materials provide unrivaled speed and mechanical performance.

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Fast, Durable, Accurate

We are product engineers, so we know firsthand that it’s all about getting parts at scale fast, with the desired mechanical properties while being cost-efficient. Our printers feature process stability, built-in quality assurance for production scaling, and unmatched yields print after print.

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Performance Polymers, Unlocked

We developed a disruptive open platform model attracting all the leading polymer suppliers. We have collaborations with the world’s leading material suppliers including Henkel, BASF, Evonik, and Arkema, unlocking the full potential of performance polymers tailored for faster, more economical design cycles and series production.

Nexa3D Printed Parts

Best Throughput Economics

Nexa3D combines process and geometry algorithms with sensor data and validated workflows that together open the aperture of photopolymer resins’ speed and performance-achieving economics, comparable to injection molding. This minimizes supply chain and part count complexities, lead times, and the substantial costs often associated with tooled plastics.

Nexa3D Materials Selection Guide for Ultrafast 3D Printing

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Wondering what material is best for your application? Download our free material selection guide to learn more about material characteristics and applications.