Case Studies

Alstom AGV Train

Alstom Case Study

Learn how Alstom extends the life of their high-speed rail cars with 3D printed replacement parts.

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PepsiCo Hybrid Mold from Nexa3D 3D Printer

PepsiCo Case Study

PepsiCo’s patented hybrid-made molds made on NXE 400 industrial 3D printer can be successfully used for more than 10,000 bottles before failure at up to a 96% reduction of cost compared to traditional metal tooling.

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XiP Desktop 3D Printer full build plate

Liquid Sound Tech Case Study

How a music products startup reduced manufacturing lead time from 9 months to 1 day and shaved 90% of cost by shifting from an overseas vendor to the XiP desktop 3D printer.

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Key Dental 3D Printe Dental Models

Key Dental Case Study

Key Dental Technologies is able to maximize its output with the NXD 200 dental 3D printer, delivering more than 2,100 orthodontic models each month from one printer.

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XiP Professional Desktop 3D Printer

MotoCilino Case Study

An Engineering Firm Discovers New Standard of Speed and Precision in Desktop 3D Printing with XiP

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Using the NXE 400 and its LSPc technology, Murtfeldt is able to produce about 12 connectors per hour.

Murtfeldt Case Study

Murtfeldt had a new customer that needed to produce a specific type of high-resolution electrical connector requiring extreme precision as well as an excellent surface finish in order to be effective. The team determined that it could not achieve its aims using its existing SLS or FDM equipment, so they worked closely with ProductionToGo to investigate available alternative technologies.

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NXD 200Pro at Excel Orthodontics

Excel Orthodontics Case Study

In just a couple of months, Dowdle is seeing the results of the NXD 200Pro as they churn through approximately 150-200 models per day, “In our busiest season just last month, my lead technician went from working overtime everyday to hardly working eight hours in a day. Now we’re getting our second NXD 200Pro and we just got the XiP desktop model also.”

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3D printed dental models for dental labs

Keystone Case Study

In mid-2021 Keystone began evaluating the NXD 200 dental 3D printer from Nexa3D, and as of early 2022 has validated six of its resins for use with the system. The result has been “a game-changer” at five to six times larger than many competitive printers.

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3D Printing Drone Parts at Production Scale

Smart Drone Case Study

SmartDrone is shifting production of their external housing from MJF additive manufacturing to Nexa3D’s new Quantum Laser Sintering platform with PA 12 to reach higher throughput at lower cost as they scale their business to the next level.

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