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Case Studies

Electrostatically dissipative (xESD) 3D printing resin

xESD Case Study

By using xESD resin formulated for ultrafast LSPc 3D printing technology, the customer achieved high resolution, static dissipative performance, and significant cost savings, revolutionizing their production process for faster turnaround times and improved precision.

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Lalalands Footwear

Lalaland Case Study

Lalaland partnered with Nexa3D to use TPC material with their SLS printer, drastically reducing midsole production time from 26 to 3 hours. This innovation cut costs, streamlined production, and offered durability and customization options, revolutionizing footwear manufacturing.

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Integration of Additive Manufacturing and Injection Molding

Aitiip Case Study

Freeform Injection Molding, in conjunction with high-performance xPEEK inserts, empowered Aitiip to successfully produce a high-performance recycled injection-molded metal replacement part. Additionally, Aitiip was able to validate the part’s performance before committing to investments in tooling.

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Utilization of 3D printed tools

SPT Vilecon Case Study

With Freeform Injection Molding and XiP Desktop 3D Printer, SPT Vilecon was able to offer a customer developing an intravenous silicone product, early design and material verification by utilization of 3D printed tools.

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1. The GE Engine Bracket is a well-known reference part in the additive community. Now, it is also available in an injection-molded version

Fraunhofer Case Study

The Fraunhofer Institute has revolutionized Metal Injection Molding with 3D-printed tooling, introducing Freeform Injection Molding for rapid prototyping of complex metal parts, offering unprecedented efficiency and precision in manufacturing.

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3D printed part for tradeshow

MaxResolution3D and FormFoundation Case Study 

By utilizing NXE 400Pro 3D printers MaxResolution3D was able to design, print and deliver 500 parts to FormFoundation in just 5 days.

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FIM process using Nexa3D's XiP printer

Alpine Case Study

By adopting the freeform injection molding (FIM) process using Nexa3D’s XiP desktop 3D printer and xMOLD material, Alpine Advanced reduced production costs by as much as 86% and lead time by as much as 91%.

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36-piece 3D printed flight controller

Yawman Flight Case Study

Yawman Flight collaborated with MotoCilino Engineering Service firm to develop a unique controller in record time, going through 17 different design iterations before validating the final assembly in just a few weeks. The final prototype controller consists of 36 different components, all of which were printed on the XiP desktop 3D printer using xABS3843 high performance resin.

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Disney Pixar Elemental Movie Characters

Gentle Giant Studios Case Study

Using fast printing XiP, the Gentle Giant team swiftly iterated designs and gained Disney’s approval within 48 hours.

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