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The wait is over. Smart manufacturing is here.

NexaX software enables process stability and print consistency, making it easy to scale from prototyping to full scale production.

Raise the ante of the entire design-to-manufacturing 3D printing cycle. Through the interplay of hardware, software and chemistry, NexaX 3D printing software offers print preparation and 3D printer management software with API integration for other software to unlock new properties for printed parts while enabling process stability, production scaling, consistent product quality, higher yields and unmatched mechanical performance.

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NexaX Basic for XiP


v2.9.1-3 (Free License)


NexaX Pro (Annual Subscription)

1 Activation

XiP Only


1 Activation

XiP Pro or NXE


3 Activations

XiP Pro or NXE


NexaX 3D Printing Software Lightning Fast Algorithms

Lightning Fast Proprietary Algorithm

With lightning-fast proprietary slice algorithms and automatic support generation, NexaX 3D printer software combines process and geometry algorithms with end-to-end workflows to optimize parts production.

NexaX 3D printing software API

Seamless Integration

NexaX provides APIs that make the integration of a variety of software tools easy, including assembly parts consolidation, generative design for AM, lightweighting, automated print optimization, part costing estimator, ROI calculator and MES workflow.

NexaX 3D printing software comes loaded with significant productivity and performance features


NexaX Basic

NexaX Pro

Orientation and Scaling Tools

Auto-Orientation and Precise Manual Controls

Part Arraying

Fill build volume with duplicate parts in X, Y and Z

Validated Resin Settings

Print resins with manufacturer preset values to achieve known mechanical properties

Customizable, Advanced Support Generation

Auto-generate or customize support for each part with advanced, configurable settings

Intelligent Process Controls

Print process adapts to part geometry to maximize printability and speed

Mesh Error Warnings

Flags common mesh issues that impact printing

Print Statistics

Summary of print time, number of layers, and part volume

Tabbed Application

Work on multiple projects at once

Offline Licensing & Usage

Operate the ecosystem offline for security or access concerns

Printer Fleet Management

Connect to printers, queue jobs, and review job history

Hollowing & Latticing

Minimize resin usage for large solid parts


Advanced Mesh Repair

Fixes mesh issues to prevent print failures


XY Nesting

Optimize the 2-D space on your build platform


Open Material Platform

Print 3rd party resins and access a full suite of process parameter to customize for any scenario


What’s New in Windows Version 2.9.0

Basic & Pro

  • New Text Scrolling – Overflow text is now displayed in a scrolling manner to address the challenge of displaying long file names, scenes, or any other text that exceeds the available space.
  • Pillar Support – A new support type, Pillars, for NexaX that is capable of generating 10x faster on average, all while minimizing resin waste and being easier to remove. The previous support type, now known as Scaffold, remain for their sturdier support of semi-flexible and flexible resins.
  • NexaX Update Notifications – NexaX will now notify you if there is a new update of NexaX available and provide a link to quickly download it.
  • Support for XiP Pro
  • Faster Slicer – Slicer has been significantly improved and generates files 15-50% faster.
  • Print File Size Reduction – The print file (.nxa) sizes have been significantly reduced by about 30% for the XiP and XiP Pro.


  • New New Offline Activation – NexaX can now be activated offline for high-security environments. Navigate to offline activation under licenses, follow the instructions and contact support for assistance in getting set up.
  • New New Software Renewal Reminders – NexaX will now notify you open startup if your license expires within the next 30 days.
  • Border Compensation on Base Layers – Enable Border Compensation on the base layers only. This can be used to reduce the elephant’s foot effect.

Subscription Types


NexaX Basic
Windows Version
NexaX Pro
for XiP Only
NexaX Pro
for XiP Pro or NXE
NexaX Pro
for XiP Pro or NXE


Free Annual, 1 activation Annual, 1 activation Annual, 3 activations


2.9.1-3 2.9.1-3 2.9.1-3 2.9.1-3


XiP XiP XiP Pro or NXE XiP Pro or NXE

File Types

.obj, .stl, and .3mf .obj, .stl, and .3mf .obj, .stl, and .3mf .obj, .stl, and .3mf
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