NexaX software enables process stability and print consistency, making it easy to scale from prototyping to full scale production.

Raise the ante of the entire design-to-manufacturing 3D printing cycle. Through the interplay of hardware, software and chemistry, NexaX 3D printing software offers print preparation and 3D printer management software with API integration for other software to unlock new properties for printed parts while enabling process stability, production scaling, consistent product quality, higher yields and unmatched mechanical performance.

NexaX Basic for XiP

Windows Version 2.7.0

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Windows Version

Mac Version 2.6.1

Free Software License

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NexaX Pro for XiP

Windows Version 2.7.0

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NexaX for NXE/D

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NXE, NXD, and XiP

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NexaX 3D Printing Software Lightning Fast Algorithms

Lightning Fast Proprietary Algorithm

With lightning-fast proprietary slice algorithms and automatic support generation, NexaX 3D printer software combines process and geometry algorithms with end-to-end workflows to optimize parts production.

NexaX 3D printing software API

Seamless Integration

NexaX provides APIs that make the integration of a variety of software tools easy, including assembly parts consolidation, generative design for AM, lightweighting, automated print optimization, part costing estimator, ROI calculator and MES workflow.

NexaX 3D printers and software come loaded with significant productivity and performance features, including:

  • Automatic part collision and out-of-bounds detection
  • Accurate part print-time and resin consumption estimator
  • Remote management and live print view capability
  • Nexa3D printer fleet management and MES workflow tools
  • Unique hollowing and perforation tools
  • Lattice generation tools and mesh fixing
  • Quick and automated file preparation
  • Automatic part-by-part scaffold supports
  • Expert user support generation capability
  • Part rescale and duplication capability

What’s New in Windows Version 2.7

Basic & Pro

  • NEW Supports .3mf file format
  • NEW Cupping detection to enhance first time print success
  • Auto orientation options, including minimum height and minimum support
  • Z-stacking added to array duplication
  • Improved speed for support generation on large models
  • Online update of build parameters (.nxp)
  • Contact tip width support parameter (allows conical contacts)


  • Mesh repair and stl editing
  • Customized exposure parameters and open materials
  • B-compensation (edge offset) and xyz scaling on customized menu
  • Improved hollowing algorithm
  • Custom Print Profiles

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