Our Priorities

Our Company’s priorities, coupled with our strong Code of Conduct, constitute the foundation of our Company’s identity and define the operational and ethical path to everything we do, all the time, everywhere. We derive our operational and competitive advantages from our unique set of principles by communicating our priorities with all employees, customers and other business partners, and by practicing them in all of our activities.

Our Corporate Culture is guided by the following priorities:

  • Our first priority is our customers’ success. To that end, we focus all of our activities on improving our customers’ bottom line in tangible ways. We strive to set priorities for all of our activities, time and resources around clearly identified customer needs and to organize ourselves to deliver an awesome user experience. We are deeply committed to democratize creativity through the removal of complexity and access to our entire range of affordable 3D content-to-print solutions to the benefit of design-to-manufacturing professionals and consumers alike the world over.
  • Our second priority is growing sales and profitability. With clearly defined ownership of results, empowerment and accountability, we constantly challenge each other to think and act like owners of the business and to invest and spend company money “as if” it is our own.
  • Our third priority is innovation. We focus on customer-centric, targeted development cycles. Understanding that not all innovations are technology-driven, we expect innovations from each person in every function within company. Innovation is everyone’s job. We are fortunate to have significant privileged assets starting with our incredible teammates, our brands, customers, technology platforms, applications expertise and global presence. Our ability to insightfully rearrange and build on these powerful assets on an ongoing basis is the very essence of innovation.
  • Our fourth priority is excellence worldwide. Through strong, hands on team commitment, we constantly identify and act on opportunities to create faster, simpler, user-friendlier processes that enhance our ability to make good and deliver an awesome customer experience. We harness and implement the methodology of continuous improvement to achieve excellence in every discipline and function within our organization.
  • Our fifth and final priority is earnings. We believe that focused practice and successful execution of our first four priorities results in growth in earnings — the kind of growth that ensures our Company’s long-term sustainability and value.