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Ensure dimensional accuracy, structural integrity, and robust mechanical properties of your resin 3D printed parts by using Nexa3D’s environmentally-friendly post-processing solutions. Optimized to work best when used with Nexa3D resin 3D printers and materials, but also compatible with most other resin 3D printers.

xWASH Post Processing
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For XiP Pro and NXE 400Pro

xCURE Post Processing
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For XiP Pro and NXE 400Pro

xCURE Desktop Post-Processing Curing Station
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Rapidly cure parts in just minutes

Wash and Cure Post Processing
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For build volume of XiP

xWash Post Processing wash station


Powerful, consistent, and sustainable washing system

xWASH accommodates build volumes and process requirements of the XiP Pro and NXE400Pro 3D printers, and is engineered for Nexa3D validated resin materials. It is also optimized for and validated with Nexa3D xCLEAN cleaning solutions, which offers 3x saturation limits, environmentally-friendly recycling options, and enhanced chemical/flash-point safety characteristics.

  • Bi-directional agitation with variable speeds
  • Dedicated drain and fill ports for easy maintenance
  • Adjustable cleaning timer for optimized cleaning time based on part geometry and resin type

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Automated curing system ensuring dimensional accuracy and structural integrity

xCURE accommodates parts as large as 16 liters in volume. The chamber can hold up to three build plates at once and allows parts to cure directly on the build plate or be placed in a basket and cured individually. Its curing optimization process consists of dual wavelength LEDs, multi-build plates, and parallel UV and thermal processing. xCURE’s validated end-to-end workflows drive the perfect balance of temperature, UV wavelength, and material-specific sequences to deliver the perfect cure. These optimal and effective curing cycles guarantee consistent mechanical properties and predictable part performance of your resin printed parts.

  • Fits parts as large as 16 liters in volume
  • Accommodates the NXE 400Pro and XiP Pro build volume
  • Dual wavelength LEDs with parallel UV and thermal processing

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xCure Post Processing curing station
xCURE Desktop Ultrafast Post Processing Curing Station

xCURE Desktop

Ultrafast, High-Powered UV Curing System

xCURE Desktop is an ultrafast, high-powered UV curing system that supports three different wavelengths (365nm, 385nm, and 405nm), making it a versatile solution for all resin 3D printers.

Housed in a rugged, anodized metal enclosure for superior durability, xCURE Desktop reduces cure times by up to 80% with curing times as low as 6 minutes. This allows users to post-process parts much faster, and Nexa3D’s predefined curing workflows guarantee consistent mechanical properties and predictable part performance.

  • Accommodates build volume of XiP
  • Supports 365nm, 385nm, and 405nm wavelengths
  • 6-20 minute cure time
  • Presets and customizable cure settings

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xWash Post Processing wash station


2-in-1 desktop post processing system

Wash+Cure is a 2-in-1 post processing station optimized for the XiP desktop printer but also compatible with most other resin based 3D printers. Simply drop parts into the wash bin with IPA or xCLEAN solution and run the wash cycle. Then remove the wash bin and place your part on the turntable, fold down the LED arm, and place the reflective cover over the top for post-curing.

  • Desktop size capacity of 5.5 liters
  • Magnetic agitator churns the solvent bath to provide uniform cleaning result
  • Rotating base platform enables uniform light exposure to cure printed parts

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Environmentally-friendly washing fluid

xCLEAN is an environmentally-friendly, safe cleaning solution with 3x saturation of isopropyl alcohol, requiring fewer changeovers and therefore creating less waste while proving an eco-friendly alternative to IPA. It is optimized and validated to be used with xWASH and Wash+Cure but works with most other resin post-processing systems.

  • 3x saturation of IPA
  • Safer to handle, no special storage necessary
  • Optimized to be used with xWASH and Wash+Cure

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xClean IPA cleaning solution

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