Car Cable Bracket
Freeform Injection Molding in Automotive


Insufficient spare parts inventory.


Use FIM to produce spare parts using customer-specific material,

BASF Ultramid® 30% glass-filled PA66.

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Cable Bracket Part Design

Part Design

This part design was provided by a premier global automotive manufacturer based in Germany. For FIM, STEP files are preferred.

Cable Bracket Mold Design

60 Minutes

Mold Design

The next step is converting the STEP file into a mold design which is done by inverting the part into a cavity, in a block of material, and then adding the inlet gate(s) and initial venting.

Cable Bracket Printed Tooling

2 hours

Printed Tooling

The part design was large, so the mold was split into 2 mold units and assembled.

Cable Brack Freeform Injection Molding

5 Minutes

Freeform Injection Molding (FIM)

The parts were molded on a 50-ton press. FIM molds work hand-in-hand with any installed base molding unit.

An aluminum mold frame was used to hold the large mold assembly in place.

Cable Bracket Demolding

1 day


The Nexa3D alkaline solution was used for demolding these parts, over a 2.5 day period.

This time can be optimized through mold re-design or by removing a part of the mold before demolding.

The bracket above is straight out of the tool: no post-processing, no polishing. Details in the design and part functionality stand out clearly.

Total time to Injection Molded Part:

3 hours 5 minutes + 1 day of demolding

Completed Car Cable Bracket


  • The mold design is an easy process.
  • The material (BASF Ultramid®) fills the molds nicely in the first test rounds.
  • Optimization for demolding is always a good thing, improving subsequent iterations.
  • Datasheet materials were used for molding data, settings, pressure, temperatures, and more.
  • Iterating the design, changing materials, or both, based on obtained results are just some of the benefits from working with Freeform Injection Molding.

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Live testing for 9 weeks:

3 days after receiving part design

Cable Bracket Live Testing


The parts were mounted in a range of high-end sports cars.

  • The part is located directly on top of the turbo charger in the engine area.
  • Multiple parts were live-tested for more than 9 weeks including:
    • Extreme temperature conditions.
    • Humidity testing.
    • UV exposure.
    • Various vibratory conditions.
    • Mechanical performance testing.

The parts passed all tests

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