Freeform Injection Molding Breathing Apparatus


Shortage of PPE in regulated healthcare environments.


Rapid production of customized adapter for Ocean Reef mask.

The part is a medical-grade adapter for a divers mask. The material used is Medico TPE.

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MiMo Breathing Apparatus
MiMo Part Design

Part Design

The adapter was designed as designed in partnership with Medical Officer Michael Mølmer to connect the mask to a HEPA air filter.

The part was the perfect fit for the divers mask while in a medical grade material that needed to maintain it’s quality and performance after repeated sterilization.

MiMo Mold Design

90 Minutes

Mold Design

The next step is converting the digital STEP file into a three-part mold design which is done by inverting the part
into a cavity, in a block of material, and then adding the inlet gate(s) and initial venting.

MiMo Printed Tooling

30 Minutes

Printed Tooling

The molds were printed at a 200 micron z-resolution to maximize speed.

MiMo Freeform Injection Molding

5 Minutes

Freeform Injection Molding (FIM)

The parts were molded on a 50-ton press. However, the molds work hand-in-hand with any installed base molding unit.

An aluminum mold frame was used to hold the assembled mold, cycle time per part was around 5 minutes, and 1 minute cooling time after each shot.

MiMo Part Removal

5 minutes


In this specific case the split mold allowed for manual demolding. Meaning no part of the mold to had get dissolved, as the part could be pulled off.

Total time to Injection Molded Part:

130 minutes



  • The mold design is an easy process; similar to building a mold box around the design, and then make it a cavity.
  • The Medico TPE material filled the molds nicely.
  • Standard material data was used for molding, settings, pressure, temperatures, and more.
  • Early hands-on testing for verification of assembly and performance using first-out-of-tool parts is valuable for most team members. This includes materials, design, process, and regulatory compliance. Should you need, the Freeform Injection Molding process enables further same day iterations.

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