Introducing ColdMetalFusion (CMF), a cutting-edge sinter-based 3D-printing technology for creating metal parts from scratch using the world’s most versatile SLS printers – Nexa3D’s QLS Series. Capable of printing both polymers and metals, the QLS Series leverages CMF technology to produce over 100,000 parts per year in the most sought-after metals and alloys – all without limitations or compromises on quality.

What sets ColdMetalFusion apart is its seamless integration with existing metal injection molding processes, making it incredibly user-friendly and broadening access to a wide portfolio of metal feedstocks. And with the help of Nexa3D’s QLS 3D printers, you can finally achieve fast, efficient, and cost-effective production at higher volumes. Say goodbye to the barriers of traditional 3D printing and embrace the future of metal part manufacturing with ColdMetalFusion.

This guide includes:

  • Introduction to ColdMetalFusion (CMF) and it’s features
  • ColdMetalFusion sinter-based 3D Printing process
  • Metal 3D printing part characteristics
  • ColdMetalFusion technology’s potential for metal parts production

Production Guide for Metal 3D Printing

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