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3D printing polyurethane molds, instead of traditionally CNC machining them, enables the rapid production of prototypes, helping to assess design and functionalities at an earlier stage. It also allows companies to offer a broader variety of prototypes, or even small series, to potential customers for early feedback.

This guide focuses on optimizing the use of xPRO1100-Black for 3D printing polyurethane molds, demonstrating how to accelerate prototype production and enhance design evaluations. It offers practical tips on creating more diverse and cost-efficient molds while maintaining durability. Additionally, the guide provides access to expert consulting services and detailed simulations to ensure reliable mold performance. Whether you’re new to additive manufacturing or looking to refine your techniques, this resource is designed to improve your design process and product outcomes.

Guide Highlights

  • Learn to speed up the creation of prototypes
  • Understand how to offer more prototype variations
  • Tips on reducing material use and costs
  • Guidance on creating more durable molds

Download Polyurethane Molds Processing Guideline: xPRO1100-Black

Download the full guide.