In the world of additive manufacturing, Powder Bed Fusion reigns supreme for many. The category of 3D printers is capable of producing real, usable parts in production materials like PA 12. Within PBF, there are really just two sub-categories of technologies. The one that uses lasers to draw and sinter powder (SLS) and the one that uses a spray binder to bind the powder – which will be sintered later (HSS). Which is the right one for you? In this guide Todd Grimm and his team of super users has done the testing and the breakdown so you don’t have to.

Factors Tested:

  • Deciding Between SLS and HSS for Production
    • Type of Production
    • Materials
    • Part Size
    • Software Connectivity
    • Human Resources
    • Throughput
  • PBF Workflow
    • Pre-Print
    • Print
    • Post-Print
  • General Considerations
    • Automation & Integration
    • Machine Maintenance

    Ultimate Guide for Production Readiness

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