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xMOLD is a high-performance dissolvable resin developed for Freeform Injection Molding (FIM).
NXE 400Pro
XiP Pro
Injection Molding

Material Properties Summary

Measurement Value Unit Test Method
Ultimate tensile strength 38 ± 3 MPa ASTM D638
Young’s Modulus 1152 ± 284 MPa ASTM D638
Tensile stress at break 31 ± 2 MPa ASTM D638
Hardness (Post-cure) Shore D 80 ASTM D2240
Toughness 18 ± 4 MPa ASTM D638
Thermal conductivity 0.187 W/m K ISO 22007-2 (2015)
Dissolvability Fully dissolvable Submerged in demolding solvent
Color Transparent blue Visual

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