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Mastering Freeform Injection Molding

Discover the future of manufacturing in this demo featuring the XiP Desktop 3D Printer and APSX PIM Molding Unit for freeform injection molding. This session guides you through the revolutionary integration of 3D printing and traditional injection molding, offering unprecedented design freedom and production efficiency. Learn how to drastically reduce tooling costs and time, leveraging the capabilities of Nexa3D’s advanced technology and see firsthand how to transform your manufacturing process to achieve faster, more cost-effective outcomes.

Learn more about FIM

➔ Carsten Jarfelt, FIM product expert, Nexa3D
➔ Kubi Kara, President of APSX

Here’s what you’ll learn:
➔ Brief overview of Nexa3D’s freeform injection molding and the APSX PIM Molding Unit.
➔ Watch the unit in action from CAD file to molded part.
➔ Examples of successful applications in various industries.
➔ Ask your questions, discuss potential applications and technical details.

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FIM Package