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1.5 kg Resin Canister

Introducing Nexa3D’s brand new material canister! We’ve completely redesigned this bottle to increase material capacity, enhance sealing performance, and increase vat filling speeds.

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New 1.5kg Resin Bottles

New and Improved Resin 3D Printer Canister

Larger Capacity

Save time and print longer between material changers with 50% more resin in every bottle

Faster Fill Speeds

2-4 times faster vat fill speeds to start printing quickly

Improved Storage

Improved sealing performance for easier material storage between uses

Enhanced Connection

Enhanced and assured connection with a new vat spout preventing spills or leaks

Download the Bottle Holder and Main Cap Removal Tool

Downloadable STL files for easy storage and refilling

Download bottle holder and cap tool

Download the STL files