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Introducing Xyon

The Game-Changing Filament

We empower our customers with the freedom of choice, enabling them to select the best materials for their projects. Our commitment to open architecture and customer-centric solutions has always set us apart in the world of 3D printing. Now, we are proud to introduce Xyon – a groundbreaking superior polymer extrusion material that revolutionizes 3D printing for desktop and industrial applications, providing unparalleled quality and performance at a fraction of the cost.

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TPC flexible 3D printing material


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Latest and greatest resin materials in 2024 featuring xMOLD, xESD, FR, xDENT, and more.

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On-Demand Manufacturing in 3D Printing

Scale On-Demand Production

With Nexa3D’s breakthrough 3D printing technology, you can afford to produce parts on-demand and in the exact quantities you need them, when you need them. Featuring print speeds exponentially faster than the traditional SLA and DLP-based technologies, more powerful print engine, and larger build volume, Nexa3D printers deliver previously unattainable production capabilities for industrial users.

Rapid prototyping and product development

Accelerate Design and Development

Shorten your design cycles and get to production sooner. Increase the number of iterations for a single project, or enable your entire design team to get their prints done – all in one day. Nexa3D printers provide the highest daily production throughput and lowest total cost of ownership in its class. Your team can finally afford to innovate without adding more time to the project.

Rapid Digital Tooling

Create Rapid Tooling

With high temp, high pressure tolerant resins like xPEEK, xCERAMIC, and xMOLD, you easily and cost-effectively print injection molding tools and inserts. Better yet, you can enjoy the freedom of design that comes with 3D printing coupled with mechanical properties of injection molding using the Freeform Injection Molding (FIM) process and xMOLD resin to produce prototypes in standard injection molding materials.

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Dental 3D printer industry

Advance Digital Dentistry

20 models in 30 minutes at 95% accuracy? It’s easy with Nexa3D’s high performance dental 3D printers and resins. From desktop to industrial, you’ve got options from chairside to the lab.

Dental 3D Printing

“Our R&D Team is able to reduce time to obtain functional samples by as much 80%, and reduce tooling costs by as much as 90%. With the NXE 400Pro, we’re able to go from CAD to scale in just 48 hours.”

Max Rodriguez of Pepsico
Max Rodriguez
Senior Manager of Global Packaging

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Nexa3D Open Materials Platform for 3D Printing

Open Material Platform

We believe in the power of an abundant material ecosystem. That’s why we continue to partner with leading material providers to deliver a comprehensive range of high-impact functional materials that are tailored to your mechanical requirements and performance needs.

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