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Nexa3D is a leading provider of ultrafast 3D printing solutions. Our photopolymer and thermoplastic range of industrial 3D printers offer unrivaled speed and throughput, superb surface finish, all on an open material platform. Our patented Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) 3D printing process unlocks productivity gains by as much as 20x greater than those of conventional SLA or DLP processes. We offer a range of polymer solutions, spanning from a desktop resin 3D printer, industrial 3D printers, and a thermoplastic laser sintering solution for serial production.

XiP Ultrafast Desktop mSLA 3D Printer
XiP Professional Resin 3D Printer
Professional Desktop 3D Printer
4.8L build volume, unrivaled speed, and an open material platform made accessible to every professional user.
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NXE 400Pro ultrafast 3D printer
NXE 400Pro Industrial 3D Printer
Industrial 3D Printer
17L build volume, industrial accuracy, and fast print speeds delivering up 20x productivity gains to your factory floor.
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NXE 200Pro ultrafast industrial 3D printer
NXE 200Pro Industrial 3D Printer Logo
Industrial 3D Printer
8.5L build volume, industrial accuracy, and fast print speeds at an attractive price point.
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NXD 200Pro Dental 3D Printer
NXD 200Pro Dental 3D Printer Logo
Photopolymer Dental 3D Printer
8.5L build volume, validated workflows, and dental materials delivering up to 20 flat dental models in just 30 minutes
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QLS 820
QLS 820 Laser Sintering 3D Printer Logo
Thermoplastic 3D Printer
Production-grade thermoplastic SLS system offering the highest throughput in its class, ideal for serial production.
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[Just Announced]

Increase Throughput by 50% with New Resins and Dental Workflow.

Learn more about the recently released xDENT201 and xDENT341 dental resins, and NexaX Dental Workflow enabling a new level of productivity for dental labs.

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Pepsi 3D Printed Tooling Case Study

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“Our R&D Team is able to reduce time to obtain functional samples by as much 80%, and reduce tooling costs by as much as 90%. With the NXE 400Pro, we’re able to go from CAD to scale in just 48 hours.”

Max Rodriguez,
Senior Manager of Global Packaging

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Exponentially greater throughput with 6.5x greater speed


Optimized supply chain with scalable on-demand manufacturing


Superb surface finish quality with minimal post processing required


Open material platform unlocking many manufacturing use cases

Industrial 3D Printing Manufacturer

Gain 20x Productivity

Nexa3D reduces prototyping and production cycles from hours or days to mere minutes. The combination of our larger-format build area, print speed, and post-processing automation delivers up to 20x productivity gains, making our 3D printing process comparable only to injection molding — without existing supply chain complexities, extended lead-times, and the substantial costs typically associated with tooled plastics.

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Nexa3D Open Materials Platform for 3D Printing

Open Material Platform

We believe in the power of an abundant material ecosystem. That’s why we continue to partner with leading material providers to deliver a comprehensive range of high-impact functional materials that are tailored to your mechanical requirements and performance needs.

Nexa3D Material Selector

[Just Released] 2023 Material Guide for Ultrafast 3D Printing

Featuring xCERAMIC, xPEEK, xABS, xPP, and More.

2023 Material Guide

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