Press Release | Nexa3D Adds New Photoplastic Materials

Nina Swienton
  • Immediate availability of three new photoplastic resins expand Nexa3D ultrafast 3D printing reach and target applications
  • xESD opens up new applications requiring electrostatic dissipative properties in the electronics development and manufacturing
  • xMODEL15 and xMODEL35 deliver enhanced printability, superb surface finish, and improved mechanical performance for same day ultrafast prototyping

Ventura, CA, 14 September 2022 – Nexa3D, the leading maker of ultrafast professional and industrial polymer 3D printers, today announced the expansion of its high performance functional resin portfolio, with the immediate commercial availability of three new photoplastic resins tailored to address the growing demand for rapid production and prototyping.

The company is showcasing parts printed in all three materials this week at IMTS 2022, Additive Manufacturing Pavilion at Booth 432504.

“The addition of three new photoplastics further expands our addressable market with new use cases and applications that leverage Nexa3D’s 20x productivity gains and attractive cost of ownership,” said Kevin McAlea, Chief Operating Officer at Nexa3D. “Our expanding range of ultrafast printers presents a significant upgrade for traditional stereolithography and DLP users with its ultra-fast printing speed, high volume precision, and expanded range of performance materials that come at the most economical cost of ownership available on the market today.”

New ESD Resin | xESD

The new xESD resin provides an innovative and cost-effective solution for fabricating high-resolution, static-dissipative parts required in a multitude of electronics applications, as well as on the factory floor when handling critical electronics components. The xESD resin is a rigid photoplastic material with a stable carbon nanotube dispersion that delivers optimal static-dissipative performance and isotropic mechanical properties, which are required by the electronics manufacturing industry. The xESD resin allows users to create custom jigs, fixtures, grippers, assembly aides, and enclosures in hours without the risk of ESD damage to high-value electronic components. The material is available in black for both the newly released NXE Pro series printers as well as the XiP desktop 3D printer.

xESD 3D Printer Resin from Nexa3D

New Modeling Materials – xMODEL15 and xMODEL35

Nexa3D once again breaks barriers in 3D Printing with the introduction of two new materials under the xMODEL class and both resins are now available for both the NXE2-400 and NXE 2-400Pro platforms as well as the XiP desktop 3D printer.

xMODEL15 is an economical modeling material that yields superb speed, productivity, and great surface finish quality. Those looking for next level finishes will be glad to know that the xMODEL15 is suitable for polishing, painting, and even plating. Most importantly, xMODEL15 is derived from plant-based materials, has low odor, and can be cleaned easily with water and soft brushing. This new material is available in white, gray, and black colors.

xMODEL15 3D Printer Resin from Nexa3D

xMODEL35 is a rigid, high performance modeling resin that demonstrates excellent mechanical performance, good thermal properties, and low moisture absorption. The xMODEL35 produces crisp details, and makers will rest assured their work will retain dimensional accuracy when transported through extremes in temperature and humidity. Well-suited for high-quality functional models as well as many end-use applications, the xMODEL35 provides great first-time print success and achieves the fine detail and precision associated with Nexa3D’s LSPc® technology. It is offered in gray and black colors.

xMODEL35 3D Printer Resin from Nexa3D

To learn more about the new materials please see our media kit.