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Nexa3D Underscores Sustainability Commitment with Reforestation Effort

Shawn Miely

  • Nexa3D partners with ForestNation to plant the Nexa3D Forest in Tanzania
  • The Nexa3D Forest began with 10 trees planted for every current employee, resulting in a total of 1,070 trees
  • Trees will also be planted for every 3D printer sold

VENTURA, CA, May 3, 2022 – Nexa3D, leading US manufacturer of ultrafast 3D printers for industrial applications, today announced that it has partnered with ForestNation, provider of products and services to help reforest the Earth and generate sustainable livelihoods in developing countries. The partnership involves the development of the Nexa3D Forest in Tanzania.

The Nexa3D Forest has started with 10 trees planted for every currently employed Nexa3D team member. This initial total of 1,070 trees went into the ground at the end of April. The next step will be to plant trees for every 3D printer sold, as Nexa3D calculates and offsets its own emissions.

For every XiP desktop 3D printer sold, the Nexa3D Forest will grow by 10 trees. On the industrial side, every NXE 400, NXE 200, and NXD 200 will yield 20 trees per printer sold.

“With 3D printer placements doubling annually, and more new products being released in 2022 than ever before, we expect the Nexa3D Forest to grow rapidly,” said Avi Reichental, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Nexa3D. “Sadly, there’s too much focus on numbers of seedlings planted, and too little time spent on how to keep the trees alive in the long term, or in working with local communities. And there’s not enough emphasis on how different types of forests sequester very different amounts of carbon. At Nexa3D, we are committed to digitizing the world’s supply chain sustainably, and by taking thoughtful steps knowing that it takes a village to make a meaningful long lasting impact.”

Thus far, the Nexa3D Forest is projected to generate 107 tons of oxygen per year, and absorb 26.75 tons of CO2 per year. These figures are all set to grow exponentially as sales continue for the busy company, adding more oxygen to the atmosphere and sustainable resources and jobs in Tanzania. Follow the progress of the Nexa3D Forest here.

Tanzania has suffered heavy deforestation, ruining not only the land but the livelihoods of many locals. ForestNation aims to counter this destruction in several ways: by providing seedlings for families to plant on their farms for future fruit, medicine and oil; inspiring tourism with greener landscapes; educating students by growing trees in school backyards; and providing jobs and income, just to name a few of its goals.

Women in particular have seen limited opportunities in Tanzania. ForestNation is responding by employing up to 200 women year-round and 800 seasonally – comprising 80-90% of the staff employed by the project.

“In addition to sustainability, Nexa3D is investing significantly in diversity, equity, and inclusion,” added Sarah Goehrke, Senior Director, Strategic Communications and Ecosystems at Nexa3D and Head of DEI at nonprofit Women in 3D Printing. “ForestNation’s emphasis on opportunity and employment for marginalized communities aligns with our own company values, which is another reason we decided to partner with this organization. As we operate guided by our values, we find the greatest opportunity in partnering with like-minded teams working toward tangible environmental and community impact. We are always on the lookout for potential partners to drive forward our vision for a more sustainable and inclusive AM industry and world.”

ForestNation estimates, based on five-year projected data from trees planted in 2019-2020, that cultivating 100 mature fruit-bearing trees will result in $173 of income for growers and 10 tons of oxygen per year. As the manufacturing industry is a major contributor to carbon emissions, it is critical for companies to take actions to offset this impact, and ForestNation offers opportunities to do so. From seedling to long-term tenability, pointed initiatives focused on a more sustainable future require both intention and attention to flourish with realizable results.

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