Nexa3D XiP Engineering Report

An ultrafast LSPc 3D printer for professional users

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Engineer’s Report – November 2022
by 3D Printing Industry Prepared by: Maël DUPORTAL

In November 2022 we sent the XiP Ultrafast Desktop 3D Printer to the 3D printing experts at 3D Printing Industry to test it and create a full report. They put XiP through its paces, testing everything from build quality to software, from basic dimensional accuracy to repeatability printing the same print 12 times in a row. Over the course of the 56 page report they print 14 real-world application parts and grade the quality of each outcome.

So is this the next 3D printer for you? We’ll let you read the report and decide for yourself! 🙂

3D Printing Industry Report on XiPWhat’s in the Report?

  • Packaging, Hardware, and Slicer Reaction
  • Use of Printer
  • Basic Printing Tests (Dimensional Accuracy, Repeatability, etc)
  • Real Application Printing Tests (includes gearing, bike pedal, ULA rocket bracket, and generative design bottle holder)
  • Post-Processing
  • Conclusions

Download the Full 56 Page 3rd-Party Report