XiP Ultrafast Desktop 3D Printer

XiP Desktop 3D Printer

A Desktop 3D Printer Designed for Sustainable Performance

The XiP, an ultrafast desktop resin 3D printer, combines a small, compact footprint with 4.8L build volume. Create prototyping and production-grade components for engineering, dental, medical, education, and other applications faster than ever before. With an open material platform providing flexibility and easy material access, the XiP mSLA 3D printer is compatible with a range of general-purpose and elastomeric materials, as well as polypropylene-like and PEEK-like resins.

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Boost Productivity with LSPc Technology

Powered by Nexa3D’s proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) Technology, the XiP desktop resin 3D printer allows users to print at blazing speeds of up to 18 cm per hour. This mSLA 3D printer boasts an easily replaced, modular 4K LCD screen with advanced UV Light Engine to provide equal and strong exposure ensuring parts are uniform and consistent.

Innovative Desktop 3D Printer Resin System & Open Material Platform

The XiP desktop 3D printer has a fully open material platform providing ultimate flexibility and access to the materials you need, when you need them. Our resin cartridges allow users the ability to load and unload material on the fly — even during live print jobs. Once inserted, the printer automatically begins resin authentication and compatibility checks with the current build requirements using NFC technology.

Industrial Usability That’s Easily Upgradeable

Sleek yet tough, the XiP desktop resin 3D printer’s modular structure is designed for frequent use. Industrial-grade components and intuitive workflows provide optimized usability, serviceability, and upgradability.

XiP Ultrafast Desktop 3D Printer


Build Volume190 mm, Y: 120 mm, Z: 210 mm (7.5 in, Y: 4.7 in, Z: 8.3 in); 4.8 Liter Print Volume
Layer Thickness50 µm / 100 µm / 200 µm; 0.002 in/ 0.004 in / 0.008 in
Max Resolution4K Monochrome 9.3” LCD
Pixel Size52 µm
HardwareBillet Aluminum Enclosure; 420 mm (16.5 inch) W x 350mm (14 inch ) D x 530 mm (21 inch) H; Rigid parallel linear rails, precision Ballscrew Z-axis; Ethernet / USB / Wi-Fi connectivity; 5.5 inch Color LCD Touchscreen Display
Build MaterialsHenkel, BASF, and Keystone combined with special in-house resins

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Sustainable Desktop 3D Printer Solution

Designed and Built with Sustainability in Mind

The design and manufacturing of the XiP takes into consideration the entire life cycle of the printer — from design through ongoing use and eventual retirement. With recyclable packaging and parts choices, including an easily recyclable all-aluminum body. This modular desktop 3D printer easily accommodates upgrades over time, versus making wholesale printer replacements that are costly and create unnecessary waste.

Eco-Friendly Design

A Desktop mSLA Resin 3D Printer That’s Unlike Any Other

With its open material access, industrial functionality and durability, the XiP is a best-in-class desktop 3D printer that is easy to self-service and upgrade, given its modular design. Users can create consistent, high-quality parts and prototypes with reliability and repeatability.

Another Desktop SLA?

XiP EverCare Service Team

EverCare Service Plan

Enhanced services and support designed to help you achieve the highest level of printing success on the XiP Desktop 3D printer.

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Download NexaX Basic for XiP

Version 2.3


Download NexaX Basic
Compatiable with Windows 10 and Windows 11


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Consumer Products


Concept modeling
On-demand manufacturing
Part Printed using the XiP 3D Printer


Our growing network of the world’s leading material providers — including Henkel, BASF, and Keystone — unlock potential in a variety of applications for various industries.

Man Designing a Part on Nexa3D Software


NexaX 2.0 generates part-by-part fully customizable support structures, and has features to hollow parts and create internal lattice structures. Part duplication, support generation, and stacking is quick and easy.

XiP xWash an xCure Side by Side.

Post Production

Clean and finish your parts to perfection with an all-in-one, XiP Wash+Cure. Magnetic stirrers provide consistent cleans and a rotating base platform provides an evenly cured finish. Easily remove, cut, and peel extra support material using the complimentary accessory kit tools.