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Introducing xPRO1100-Black: High-performance rigid resin with superior stiffness and temperature resistance

Lewis Simms

High-performance rigid resin with superior stiffness and temperature resistance. Available on XiP Pro, XiP, and NXE 400Pro.

Meet xPRO1100-Black, the game-changer in 3D printing resin. Developed by BASF’s Forward AM, this resin is set to revolutionize additive manufacturing with its incredible combination of strength, durability, and high heat deflection temperature. Let’s delve into what makes xPRO1100-Black stand out in the world of 3D printing materials.

xPRO1100-Black isn’t your average resin. Crafted with advanced polyurethane-based engineering grade materials, it boasts superior stiffness and temperature resistance. This resin is engineered to redefine what’s possible in 3D printing, offering durability that’s second to none.

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xPRO1100-Black Resin Molding

Strength and Stiffness at its Core

What sets xPRO1100-Black apart is its exceptional stiffness. With a Young’s modulus of 3080 MPa, it provides unparalleled structural integrity, making it ideal for applications requiring robustness. Whether you’re working on automotive parts or sturdy brackets, xPRO1100-Black delivers the toughness needed to withstand demanding environments.

xPRO1100-Black bracket

Built Tough: Temperature Resistance and Chemical Stability

xPRO1100-Black isn’t just strong; it’s tough too. With a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 116°C, it can handle high temperatures without compromising performance. Plus, its excellent chemical resistance and long-term UV stability ensure your prints maintain their integrity over time, no matter the conditions.

Versatile Performance

From automotive components to engineering prototypes, xPRO1100-Black excels in a variety of applications. Its exceptional mechanical properties make it a go-to choice for projects where reliability is key. Whether you’re prototyping or producing functional parts, xPRO1100-Black delivers consistent, high-performance results.

xPRO1100-Black Versatile Performance

Updated April 2024!

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